Decline, decay, denial, delusion, & despair

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by BlackJack616, Oct 12, 2012.

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    Gloom, despair and agony

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    That a whole lot of something. I just couldn't read it all. I think I've sucked down to many brews.
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    This thread is about to be just like me. " totally TRASHED"""""""""
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    Please help me derail this thread
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    Decline, decay, denial, delusion, & despair

    Bummer, dude. I can't even see OP's original post. How does Brown Reggin's troll thread survive eleven plus pages, and this one doesn't?
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    Does anyone know where i can get ups socks? How's that?
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    Hit the edit button, pal.

    You love the look of your voice more than we like reading it...
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    Been a while since I have seen Hee Haw. LOL Hoax

    Side note.... I use to love watching Roy Clark and Buck Owens play.

    Roy could play anything so great. His banjo picking was the best to me.

    Not a super country fan, but I always appreciated one of America's greatest pickers.
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    I'd forgotten about Gloom, Despair & Agony........what a great memory!!! I did not watch Hee-Haw and know nothing about the Hee-Haw Honeys....really, honest!!
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    When you mentioned Pickers, i thought of this one:

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    How Democracies die ::sad-little:

    Loser Liberal Hippies Take over as University and College Professors.
    While making huge salaries and tenure they teach how evil the country is.
    They deal in a world of 18 to 2i year old mush heads that can vote.
    Elect politicians only interested in their own power --make people dependant on them
    Elementary and mid level education --no discipline or accountability on students
    Belief that all should attend College --idiots or not
    People hook themselves on drugs
    People do not take responsability for their offspring pump them out and abandon
    Crime soars.
    Leaders of country denounce hard work and success -want them to contribute more(fair share)
    Young generations look as capitalism and success as evil--take more from the dirty rich
    Country goes from 47% on entiltlements to 80% ++
    Leaders call for equal results not equal opportunity
    Country goes into death debt cycle
    Country strips Miltary defense capability
    Evil that does exist in this world -is final victor
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    I just noticed that the title of this thread would make a great country song.
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    add a few more words and the song becomes Legendary!!!

    Divorce, Dang, Dog, Dodge, Dallas,
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    Doobie, doobie do