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    No its not
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    I guess Obama is preparing another budget proposal.......apparently his first one was a joke.
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    His presidency is a joke...or a nightmare that wont end.
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    The GOP agenda has been to defeat Obama ever since he was elected. What's new? Too bad the Republicans are willing to sacrifice the welfare of the country for political gain.
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    You know, if Obama was willing to sacrifice welfare (the program) for the good of EVERYBODY not abusing it, the whole country would gain. I figured out a way to reduce LOTS of frivolous spending
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    Obama's going to HAVE to reduce entitlement programs if he wants to be re-elected. Independants want it reduced.
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    I heard on CNN that he is probably going to cut medicare in 1 form or the other for the next budget.
    And, even that won't be enough. Got to cut from SS and Defence, too.

    Remember, it's always the middleclass that pays up. The poor can't, and the right, (or the rich), won't let the rich pay.
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    Oh, well if you heard it on CNN its probably not true
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    Something will have to give, and you all know that.
    Forget the discretionary spending of 12% (FBI, NASA, CIA, Infrastructure, Embassies, and yes, even the small guys like planned parenthood).

    Medicare, SS and Defence along with interest payments on the debt, make up alone over 100% to balance the budget.
    You pick !
    I heard the Republican Party can't even pick yet.... but they want cuts to raise the debt ceiling - where ? - They aren't suggesting anything themselves !

    I suppose most of you want welfare and food stamps cut.
    I guess you can, if you want to see some starving Marvins all around you, young and old.
    I guess I can get used to watching those Sunday Morning shows "Food for Africa" turning into "Food for America" with skeleton like hungry Americans instead.
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    Nobody wants welfare & food stamps cut......except to illegal immigrants committing fraud to get them. I think you should have to be drug tested to receive them. They serve a purpose, but the programs are abused by criminals.
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    here's one program that should be cut...................
    Free US Money Shoveled at African Students

    The U.S. Agency for International Development under the current initiative has already spent nearly $2.1 million to send 16 students from the southeast African nation of Malawi to colleges in their homeland as well as in the U.S. and Kenya.
    "The U.S. government pays the tuition and room and board costs for the graduate program in Public and Maternal and Child Health MPH (Masters in Public Health) and the tuition at the Kenyan and Malawian Institutions," the document says. "In the U.S., the tuition is approximately $20,930 plus $4,830 for room and board. The U.S. government pays participants $600 a month as a maintenance allowance and pays the participants health insurance of $85 a month. …​
    "For Kenyan [college] participants, the U.S. government pays the graduate program tuition of $3,261 per semester and room and board of approximately $1,575 per semester," the document continues. "Participants also receive a stipend of approximately $441 per month as a maintenance allowance and $525 for health insurance. In Malawi, the U.S. government pays the tuition of $1,675 per term plus an additional $945 for room and board. Participants also receive a maintenance allowance of $300 per month.
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    Have you given ANY thought to your statement, before or after posting ? Has the light bulb gone completely out?
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    and just what kind of stunt was bho pulling last Sat at the Lincoln Memorial ?
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    WTH? Is America stepping on Oprah's toes ?? African Education is her thing. Let her fund it.
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    That's probably part of foreign aid.
    And the G8 members agreed to give 2% of GDP to foreign aid. I think some European countries have matched that, but the US and Canada haven't sofar.
    Think the US is at 1.2%, and Canada just slightly higher.

    I guess it's better to train them, esspecially in the health field, then to send them our high priced nurses and doctors over there.
    And they do need that.
    Now, that's a trickle down effect - you train a few - and they can train others in their poor homeland.

    We should train them a lot more in agriculture, too - so they can finally grow their own food, and ofcourse give them some more modern equipment.
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    We should train them a lot more in agriculture, too - so they can finally grow their own food, and ofcourse give them some more modern equipment.

    That was what the Peace Corp of the '60s did.
  20. klein

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    You know, I shouldn't even say this online, but I'm going to anyways.

    The problem is, the difference between north and south richness and welfare.
    I was in the Bahamas twice, so I can relate a little bit.

    But, to see Haiti more then a year after the earthquake hit them, and you still see ruble everywhere and not much has been done, yes, that disturbs me.
    Look how fast the Europeans cleaned up all the ruble after WWII, especially the Germans !
    Everything was cleaned up, factories rebuilt, and everyone partcipated, young and old were out in the streets cleaning up stone by stone.
    Haitians, they are waiting for someone else to do it for them.
    I believe most African nations have that same mentality, and it's kind of sad.

    Maybe that's even the reason why most middle eastern countries have dictatorships, because on their own they are useless ???

    You'll see a big difference in Japan. Japan will even make New Orleans look even worse.
    I have confidence the Japanese people will have this huge Tsumami disaster cleaned up very quickly, assuming radiation levels go down far enough so they can actually start on the clean-up process.
    I don't think it took them long to rebuild Hiroshima and Nagasaki !

    My point is, if we don't change those poor countries atitudes and mentalities, give them some work ethic, so that they enjoy the rewards that come with it, otherwise it's almost a lost, never ending cause.

    I guess Jamica is another country that lacks behind in the above statement.