Delayed start up on belts?!?

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    do any of your hubs have this delayed start up on belts? Just curious to why and what it is. Just want some info because at our hub it's affecting our sorting in primary. The sups management tell us it's high up in corporate. I just think its a bunch of bs they are telling us.
    ill explain what our problems is once someone tells me about this.
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    wtf are you even asking dude?
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    Yes, many buildings have -- and have had -- this. Every area has a different start time, beginning with the unload and finishing with the loaders 20-minutes later. And some employee groups have different start times. For example:

    * two irreg drivers begin 5-minutes after the sort, two more twenty minutes later and two more one hour later
    * the two sorters who sort packages from the small sort begin ten minutes after the others
    * two clerks show up an hour before start (send agains), the rest an hour after start
    * some load positions with lesser volume begin 20-minutes after the other loaders (40 minutes after start)

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    Agreed. When I worked in the hub before I transferred to preload, that's the way our hub worked as well. Staggered start times throughout the building based on location and seniority.
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    The fact that you don't know lets us all know exactly how much of a "boss man" u are.
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    I'm talking about the sort and belts during the shift. We have two out bound belts that share one transverse. I'm going to take a picture tonight to further explain my problem. But every time the two belts which is PD5 and pd3 shut down due to volume, the pullers jog it, but I'm talking about the delay start up with those belts. If one shuts off the other does and won't start until other turns on. All these years working here and others that are before me are use to the transverse staying on. Now we are fighting with our flow as a sorter on primary, it just sucks and its been like this for two weeks.
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    The OP wasnt talking about staggered start times or later shift start times....he was asking about the belt takking a while to come on after starting it. All belts should take several seconds of sounding a buzzer before starting to notify workers it is starting for safety. Some belts are dependent upon others and cant run unless the other belt is. This is usually because of the way a belt interacts with the other. Some buildings have quirks too like if you dont leave the button out for long enough before stopping it again a section of the belt wont move at all creating a backup etc.