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In our facility we have been repeatedly asked and told to pull package cars out to the yard and we for the most part have repeatedly said no to doing it. Today however our on road sups decided to send a message out saying that if we are asked to pull cars out we have to do it.

I have taken the stance that I am not going to do it upon request because of 2 reasons. 1. It's not work assigned to an FTSP but rather to a 22.3 position and they need to put a bid sheet up to fill a needed position.

2. It has always been practice and was even in the contract that once you have returned to the building after 8 hours of work management cant assign more work to you for that day. (It was under hours of service in the old contract, im looking for it in the new language)

I just want to know your thoughts and how you handle this in your facilities
Hours of service is a DOT thing that was added to the master. It has to do with over 60. @Rack em is right work as directed and grieve later.

What you need to do is get a 22.3 to start filing for all you guys taking his work.

Also speak with your BA and get his/her opinion


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Good lord---you would have literally died back when we had to do our own fueling, sometime washing, spotting and unloading our own pick-ups.

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I’ve refused to go back out and never had anything happen but I wouldn’t say being told to park your car is going back out.
Per that language, he would be refusing to work as directed. Parking your car is not going back out, going back out refers to going back out to deliver or pick up packages IMO.