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    A quote from Scott Davis regarding delivering in France: "We found out real quickly in France you don’t knock on people’s doors after 7 at night. It just doesn’t work." Oh, really!!!!!!!!!!!
    It also doesn't work in the US, especially when it gets dark out at 4:30
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    So out of touch with the front lines.

    We are expected to Drive, deliver and manage our days for over 9.5 hours a day. 10.6 if you include sitting in the truck taking lunch. 5 days a week. A job that is mentally exhausting just driving a truck and dodging all the obstacles we encounter every day. Parking lots filled with drivers texting, streets with children playing ball, roads with people blowing through stop signs and lights. Physically, moving 500-600 pieces a day. Answering messages from the center, dealing with customers.

    The more stress and hours you add to our day, the more chance we are going to get into an accident or have an injury. The more fatigued we get, the more likely we will make a mistake. Forget about the drivers, how about the risk to the public. We might not be the cause of an accident, but certainly being alert could help curtail some accidents.
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    Thanks to all of our added responsibilities I will no longer refer to myself as a package car driver or ups man.

    I am now a route manager/logistics specialist. That sure does sound fancy. I need a raise.

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    Just don't start referring to yourself in the third person.
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    I second the motion. All in favor. Say I

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    Whatever do you mean?:funny:
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    Haha! I'm gonna use that
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    Have not ever delivered after 7 in 24 years.
  9. Indecisi0n

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    I normally deliver after 9.
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    I don't knock or use the doorbell unless I need a sig. Just like I don't use the horn at any stop. But than again I usually don't deliver after 7. All this week I have had my last delivery done before 3:30 and got to take my lunch and sit around till my 6 pick ups starting at 5:15 which consist of 5 letter boxes and college mail room that hardly ships anything out.
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    Hey Scott how do you think the people in the USA feel when we are knocking on their doors at 9. Sorry but we have an EFFING idiot for CEO.
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    I got a delivery tonight sometime after 7. I got home just shy of 8pm and there was a package on the porch. I told the wife, "thanks for bringing that in". She said it wasn't out there when they got home just after 7. So apparently the driver who delivered my place tonight didn't feel like knocking either. And it wasn't a toss and dash. It was placed up against the wall. I know it wasn't a regular driver since most of the regular drivers will abuse the crap out of my bell or door because they know it's my house. LOL.
  13. 728ups

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    you havent lived until you ring the bell at 10pm for a Signature Required . That stop is now listed in the diad NO DELIVERY AFTER 9
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    ​Jimmy holds grudges.
  15. Wally

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    The French are big P's!
  16. Indecisi0n

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    ​I delivered a NDA sig required at 9:45 one night. The customer was not happy with me.
  17. 728ups

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    same here. guy was giving me 9 kinds of hell: i've got kids asleep,i'll call your boss,i'll have your job yada yada..I was like um yes,and how do you spell you last name again?
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    Delivered to this rich guy one Holloween, DR'ed, rang is doorbell, and scooted back to the truck (I normally hand it to people on Holloween, but I saw them inside the large glass windows, and they could see the package).


    "Ok, I'll knock next time, have a nice night!" and took off... It was only 8pm-ish... *shrug*
  19. FilingBluesFL

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    Next time have more than just a thong on?
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    My favorite is the 10pm sig required.... Saw the guy put his gun away after he saw it was UPS... lol He wanted to know why I would ring his doorbell at 10pm... Ummmm because knocking didnt work