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    Apparently I work for Ground on occasion...

    This Saturday on my route I received a Pickup over the Powerpad, which is rare in the first place. Judging by the address, it was a residential stop, even rarer, so I immediately thought it was going to be a very strange adventure. The Pickup note stated "Pkgs delivered to wrong address" so I figured it was just a retrieval of some packages that were misdelivered by the driver on the previous day. On arrival I discover that low and behold they are Home Delivery packages, so I code them as Ground Pickup and move on. The correct address on the boxes is literally the next street over and I'm wondering how in the hell the driver got them mixed up, and then begin thinking if I should swing by and drop them off since it is on the way out of the neighborhood anyway. I ask dispatch what I should do, and tell them that the correct address is down the street, and they tell me basically that it's up to me to decide, so I go over and deliver them, explaining to the customer what happened.

    Anyone else had this sort of experience before? Was it the right thing to do to take them to the right place? I'm sure others would have taken them back to the station as a pickup, and had the packages been going somewhere else further away, I would have too. I just felt it would be logical to deliver them since it was close by. Call me crazy I guess.
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    Why not just code it as Ground pickup?
  3. By The Book

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    I think he said he did that.
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    When we code something as Express we leave it there and CPC contacts Express to let them know about it.
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    I've redelivered express that I found left at the wrong house. I've dropped off mail that gets incorrectly left at my house. It's not very difficult and someone gets their stuff.
    I would tell whoever sent you that message to check the tracking numbers next time before you go out of your way.
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    Happens to me a couple times a month. We've been instructed by HQ that any misdel Ground we get is to be delivered that day by us. I don't know if Ground knows this and doesn't care because they're getting paid for it anyways but seems to be happening more and more.
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    Let Ground do their own work.

    Not your fault the idiot call center can't tell the difference.
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    At ups there are times where you find a misdelivered pkg at the door or get a call to pick one up. It's a pain but we have to deliver them to the correct address. It's kind of rare though unless the person is on vacation or just wants us to do our job right. I almost misdelivered a pkg with my sup on car on a ride, as I'm turning to go back to the truck the customer says hey this is not me, a bit embarrassing. I then looked at the address on the pkg and walked it next door.
  9. Cactus

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    FedEx Ground is a separate company from us here at Express. They can straighten out their own screw-ups. With UPS you're stuck with them since it's all under one roof.
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    Now there is no way to correctly track the package through either system. A good or a bad thing depending on your perspective.
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    If dispatch asks you do do ANYTHING extra, the answer should always be NO.

    Go ahead and do a PUX95 miss delivered scan and bring it back to the station. You don't get paid to fix grounds problems...let a fedex manager "manage" it.
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  12. OrioN

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    Ditto... But my powerpad couldn't scan an express barcode yet?!? I was gonna code it 017 misdel package picked up and then code it 018 package delivered. In my case it was the next street over.
  13. 1fedexFAILURE

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  14. dezguy

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    NEEEEEVER going to happen. Not unless they go away with Express and just go straight Ground for everything.
  15. 1fedexFAILURE

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    Probably true.. But they said they would not make RPS Fedex also.. So you are most likely right, but with this company I don't say never to anything except a higher wage..