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    To NYC drivers:
    I was in New York City earlier this year. I'm wondering how are deliveries handled in large buildings such as the Empire State Building or the World Trade Center (before 9-11)? Are these buildings considered "one route" because of their size? I also saw the hub across the street for the Intrepid Museum, it looked like multi level parking there, is that so?
    Just curious :happy2:
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    I hope someone here can answer this as I have often wondered myself.

    I would think that some of the buildings could be mulitlple routes. I have heard that there are two guys in the trucks. One to deliver and one to guard the truck. There is also that 400 thousand dollars in the budget for parking tickets? any of this true?
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    I would assume that UPS uses a trailer that unloads at the loading docks of those buildings, and they have several walkers unloading and delivering the packages.

    That's how it's done at the West Edmonton Mall (once the largest shopping mall in the world, until China built 1 larger).
    It's larger then Mall of America, too.
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    From what I have seen, the empire state building for example, and many others has limited dock space and I have never seen a ups trailer in there. I have seen ups trucks parked all day in one spot in that vicinity bringing packages to and from the truck with an overloaded dolly- the type of hand truck that converts to a four wheeler unit- I believe they are called by the brand name -gemini??? I have also seen transfers of packages from these "all day parked trucks" to other ups package cars that pull up time to time and then take off once the transfer is complete.

    I have never seen a ups trailer in any loading dock of any building in manhattan. Loading dock space is limited and times to occupy them are limited as well. Many truck drivers unload their contents onto the sidewalk and bring them into the building with handtrucks and dollies as opposed to waiting 2 hours for a space to open up on a loading dock

    I often see ups package cars plastered with parking ticket violation tickets. The common practice for big companies is that they fight the ones that are fightable, and the ones they can't can't -fire hydrant, bus stop, etc are thrown into a big pile so to speak and the total dollar amount of the tickets are reduced in negotiation with the nyc dept of finance. I assume ups follows this practice.

    I have been at the ups 43rd streer facility in nyc as a feeder driver but have had not had the "pleasure" of using the upper levels although from what I heard some feeder drivers have had the pleasure and as a result took out a water pipe as their trailers were moving too fast and bounced upwards and bumped the overhead pipe. I believe the pipe has been relocated, but don't know for sure.

    There is also another ups facility in lower manhattan on houston street that is street level and seemingly and probably quite a big larger than the one on 43rd street , the one someone saw near the Intrepid. That is a much easier place to work out of in terms of moving trailers and the layout is much more similar to many other centers .
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    "It's larger then Mall of America, too. "

    Yeah, bigger, better, cleaner, cooler, more fashionable, yeah, yeah, we get it !:knockedout:
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    If you had some knowlegde the Mall in Edmonton was built before the Mall of America.
    But, one thing they have big in common :
    They have been built the same owners !

    Germaninans ???(spelling) brothers.
    I think they are saudi's or from some arabic richie oil country.
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    but my country can beat up your country:happy2:
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    UPS has an arrangement with the larger cities and pay a negotiated annual fine, which I have heard is about $2M, rather than individual fines. They also used to park a PC overnight to ensure a parking spot and then swap out in the morning but they no longer do that. They use air walkers in NYC. It's a whole different ball game in NYC and I would not want any part of it.
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    I can't speak for the NYC drivers but here in San Francisco we have many high rises that are done by either one or two drivers. One of our drivers has to be at a certain place at a certain time to get a parking spot and he stays there all day long as does delivery and pickup. There is also an Air Driver there to help with all of the AM deliveries. There is also a drive that does nothing but pier 39 which is a Pain since it is a major tourist spot.
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    West Ed mall and the mall of America are owned by the Gremezian family. They are from Iran.
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    But does the Edmenton mall security have a kick butt TV show like Mall Cops at Mall of America? Huh? Huh? I don't think so., what do you think of that?!
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    7 storys package cars g to 4th fl they use to have 2 whole floors dedicated to the world trade center thats what i was told hope this helped
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    Why would you assume? Klein, we already know that, (you think), everything everywhere but The United States, is better. What's your point in pointing it out in every one of your posts?

    And this street is pronounced HOWSTON by people in NYC.
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    Gee, so I needed something to compare the West Edmonton Mall to, so what ?

    Like saying the building in Shanghai is taller then the World trade centers were.
    You guys like to flip it around and call that america bashing ! Get a grip boys !
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    It is so funny you say that as I have never been to NYC yet know this and read in my head HEWSTON stopped, back tracked and pronounced it correctly in my head.
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    I know that , I didn't want to confuse anybody by mentioning it.
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    I heard years ago that there were 7 routes in the Empire State building alone
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    Okay, so let me see here. Klein, being of infinite knowledge and a world traveler has to compare everything to stuff in the U.S.? Klein, don't try it, you know exactly what you're doing, and you love to do just that. Why you would be posting in this thread, I don't know, but to each his/her own. Just keep the nasty and unneeded America comments to yourself. Don't forget, you're "American" as well.:surprised: