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  1. landrick

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    So, I was reading a Macintosh forum today (where the discussion was about the new iPhones that just went on sale), and saw this posting:

    "So the UPS delivery man just showed up at my door, iPhone 3G S in hand. And he wouldn't give it to me. He claimed I needed to give him a printed form to release the iPhone, at the behest of his manager. The form in question is the one you get if you select "pre-sign for this shipment" online - aka the authorization to leave the phone if I'm not home. Needless to say, I'm *really* p*ssed at UPS right now."

    Putting aside his inflammatory remark about UPS....what was that all about?
  2. Jack4343

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    We had a PCM about the new Apple I-Phone today. Here's the deal. You can not driver release the package under any circumstance unless the beforementioned note is signed and placed on/by/near the door. The driver must take the note and turn it into the office when they return. the driver mentioned in the previous post was wrong. If the person is home, they can sign for the package without giving you the note. The note is only to be used if the person is not home and would like to have the package driver released. It takes the place of a signed delivery notice. The package is not coded as a signature required however you will receive a c-pad alert that the package is: No DR/SDN OK. We delivered a ton of those phones today (via UPS Express) and the sups had a list of all the phones and delivery addresses and we had to make sure we had these packages on our car before we left. Also, any undeliverable phones we had much be turned in to a supervisor upon return to the building. Our center manager stated that Apple is testing the waters with us and these deliveries will determine how much business they throw our way in the future. Another note. We had several local county police officers in our building ready to arrest any of the in-building folks that wanted to pilfer said iphones. Evidently they are a extremely hot item. Personally, I could care less.
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  3. dilligaf

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    We were told in our pcm yesterday that we can accept the e notice if the customer is not there. They do not have to have this to get their phone, if they are home. Someone has gotten their signals mixed up.
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    I delivered 39 individual phones on Thursday to the ATT store on my route, and had 9 that I delivered on Friday on my route. I only wish everyone was as excited about their package as they were about the iphone. Everyone rushed to the door to sign, and the other two, had the notes on the door. Those were the fastest signatures, with the best results that I have ever been able to get.
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    The economy is a mess , yet everyone wants and has the newest gadget. Amazing,
  6. Jim Kemp

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    At our center we were told that they needed to sign the DIAD and have the release form or they could not have pkg. No release form no pkg. Looks like the Mgt. can't follow instructions.
  7. rod

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    Are you saying my "bag phone" is out dated?
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    The fact that their in confusion about this scares me. Are people really that air headed? If the person is home....they sign. If they aren't but have left the printed/signed form....leave the phone. Its that simple.

    I on the other hand am :censored2: at Apple because they are so unpredictable as to who they ship with. Sometimes they use DHL, who hands the package(s) off to the USPS and sometimes they use FedEx, RPS, and now us. My current order is two packages that they shipped with DHL. The tracking is horrible. After they handed them off to the USPS it went down hill from there.
  9. TheDick

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    Customer told me that all the phones we delvd friday will not be activated till monday or Sunday night. much less the new faster speed att promised will not be ready till Jan. What a rip=off.
  10. BrownEvo

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    All this for a phone? :surprised:
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Not just a phone--a smart phone.
  12. scratch

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    Just another new toy for people that have to have the latest thing. I'm glad we got the account though, and I appreciate seeing all those LL Bean boxes in my package car too!
  13. landrick

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    Well, there's a little bit of truth in there, but not a lot. :happy2: The Apple phone can be activated as soon as the consumer wants to use it (which, of course, given all their excitement, is usually immediately.) The new speed features built into the phone will also function out of the box. What won't work yet are features that AT&T itself has to activate; namely MMS service (where you can send pictures as text messages) and "tethering" the phone (so that you plug it into a laptop and use the phone to gain internet access for the computer.) These are both built into the phone, but ATT hasn't gotten around to turning those features on yet. "Soon", they say. Yeah.
  14. I have one, its the dumbest smartphone I've seen...however it does let my iPod and cell phone be one thing instead of carrying both around...which is a perk
  15. Its worse than that, the faster network won't be widely available until 2011....some areas dont even have the current "high speed" network. So in essence you're paying for a feature that will just be coming into existence when your current 2 year contract is up...sneaky huh?
  16. brownrodster

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    If you continue to work full time then why worry.

    I delivered two of them yesturday. Both just minutes before commit time. First guy ran to the door to get his iphone. Second house they had the paper printed and on the door but I had a kid sign for it as that was the easier solution.

    We don't even have the fast 3g internet access in this county yet.
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    Is that what all this is about? I am at a satelite center. Our mngmt. is so lazy. We never get any pcm's. All we got yesterday was a diad message that stated "Don't dr any pkgs from Apple. We must get a signature." No explanation of what, why or when. I replied "If they want a signature then they should say so on the pkg. I have enough to do w/out looking to see where every pkg comes from." I got no reply. This is typical for my local management team.
  18. brownIEman

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    heard several PCMs in our building yesterday about it. The message was clear in all of them- only the signed notice was acceptable to allow leaving the package if no one was home.

    Looks like in a couple places, the management did not understand or clearly communicate the message or the driver did not listen.
  19. helenofcalifornia

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    I rarely use my computer now for anything. The Iphone is what I use most of the time. The battery needs to be charged at least once a day on the weekends if I am not doing anything else, but it is my portable computer now.

    I understand some people have issues with it but for me, it is one of life's small pleasures. I work long hours during the week and have no problem justifying the time I spend on mine.
  20. Tiny Panda

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    We're not allowed to release anything from Apple in the UK even if we have a signed release from the customer. Signature only no matter what, cant even leave with a neighbour