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    We have a Walmart with 2 loading docks. 1 for regulary receiving the other for grocery. So they want us to delivery to both places,(the grocery side usually only gets lobster's) plus the Bank inside and also the Pharmacy. And they all have the same address. Anyone else have to do this?
  2. over9five

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    I hate that too, but your spineless sup will say, "Just do what they want".

    One of our drivers delivers a Sears, and he has to go to 8 places. Receiving (can't use the dock, tho!), Vision center, Jewelry counter, Auto, etc etc..

    Cach is right. They get us to do their work.
  3. Fnix

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    Because they dont get paid enough and are weak.
  4. mis_load

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    I have the same problem. But what I do is give it a suite number, and end up getting 5 stops out of the same address. My supervisor says that its the right way to do it at Wal-Mart and Targets. So, therefore I get credit for all the stops just like at a office complex.
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    The dock, the beauty salon, the bank, the vision center,the Subway sandwich place, the pharmacy. Why fight it;the stops are close together. And besides if they can tell us what time to arrive (yes) they can tell us who gets independent stops. You won't win this one against Walmart.

    Just go with the flow, baby.
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  6. jds4lunch

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    The Walmarts here take everything at the same dock, but mis_load is right, you can get credit for the independant stops. Think of it in the same way you would a mall; same address, but numerous stops inside it. This is what the consignee line is for on the DIAD, just put in "salon", "bank", "Mc Donald's", "bum on the sidewalk", whatever the case may be.
  7. Harley Rider

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    I thank the Lord I don't deliver to Wally World anymore. Back a few months ago they had a PCM on delivering to Wal-Mart. The drivers here were told to make deliveries to some of the extra places inside the store and not to leave them with the other packages.

    I have the same problem with a college I deliver to. We use to just take everything to the Post Office or Maintenance. Then Office Depot got a contract with the college and got UPS to agree to deliver their stuff to each separate building. We were told only Office Depot would be delivered to the buildings. Now the people in the college offices have decided to change their mailing addresses and try to get their other packages delivered too so they don't have to get off their butts and go to the PO and pick them up. If management doesn't do something soon they will wind up having to put in another route to cover all the extra stops. I figure when that happens UPS will finally draw the line and tell them all packages will go to the PO. We are stretched to our limits already.
  8. Just Lurking

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    If you Wal-Mart is like ours here. Each of these places are separate business. Have your sup's put consignee names into loop detail and run with it.

    Has for purposely mis-delivering. :confused:1 I would make sure it not a jewelry package. Would want to pay for junk jewelry from Wal-Mart.

    One of the womens store in the malls (I forget which one) has it written into their contract that each day that driver will breakdown and dispose boxes to the recycling bin. :w00t: Now thats crazy.
  9. Upslady20

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    At our walmarts two of them in our town we do not go to the grocery side. The lobsters are delivered with the regular stuff. We do have to go inside and deliver to the nail salon, bank, hair joint and the pharmacy. The vision center just gets delivered to the back also.
  10. browned_out

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    :mad: Yep, all the Walmarts here have multiple stops. Rear dock, vision center, pharmacy etc. Just sheet each as a seperate stop, most of the time the person at the rear dock will let you know which pkgs are for what department.
  11. 1989

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    I think Sears has more deliveries tho. dock, hub office(jewelry), photo, vision, auto.
  12. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    The two Walmarts in our town let you leave everything at the dock. I love them.

    The two in our extended area make you take it to each place. I don't love them so much.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I was told that Walmart won;t sign for Photo,vision.Subway etc because even though they are in a Walmart these stores are independently owned so hell if they are going to be responsible for their packages
  14. satellitedriver

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    My Walmart people are cool. They take care of me and I try to do the same for them.
    My trailer is dropped in the back of Walmart, where I load my truck.
    Small town living. We all know each other outside of our working lifes.
    Heck,I sometimes get three deliverys off by knowing who is working that day.
    I give them to the receiving clerk(Dorothy) and ask if she will give the to Sandy, Beth, Gregg ect.... She says sure, I hope it saves you some miles.
  15. brownmonster

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    Mine takes everything at one dock unless the nail shop gets a COD
  16. local804

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    UPS driver- payed by the hour

    More stops more money.
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    Forgive a newbie (rat) for asking, but what do you all mean by "We get credit for....."? Is this a time allowance or something? Sorry, for a dumb question.:)
  18. You are getting paid by the hour! Quit Bitching!!
  19. You get paid by the hour. UPS has brained washed its employees over the years to convince them that they are paid by production. Read your contract. They are doing a number on your head.
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    Money isn't everything! My thought is you can have either time or money, but not both. In other words, you make all this money, but have no time to spend it. Conversely, if you have a "regular" job with regular hours, you don't have near the money, but you sure have more time.