Delivery companies welcome arrival of holiday stress

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    Delivery companies welcome arrival of holiday stress - Press Democrat

    Shortly after 7 p.m. on Monday, 12,000 FedEx employees in Memphis, Tenn., will stretch and flex in concert and gulp holiday-colored sports drinks in preparation for processing 7,000 packages a minute.

    At United Parcel Service air headquarters in Louisville, Ky., employees will be poised to handle 100,000 boxes from Zappos, the online shoe emporium just 12 miles away.

    Under the twinkling canopy that is the constellation of incoming aircraft in the Southern skies, FedEx and UPS -- the nation's two biggest private package delivery companies -- will work at a frenzied pace to kick off the busiest shipping week of the year.
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    It can be stressfull, but to me it's job security.
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    I would rather have to much than not enough. A full truck is a happy truck. lmao
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    My truck runs better when it is jam packed and the rear bumper is dragging the pavement from all of the weight. I look like a so cal low rider going down the road.
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    you are so right.