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  1. 35years

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    My kid is developing apps for mobile devices in school. He may be developing a UPS or delivery person app. Some of the info would be helpful to have at your finger tips for grievance and disciplinary proceedings.

    My first thoughts were:
    -A daily log of projected and actual stops, pcs, miles, drs, Orion compliance, hours worked, SPOH etc. with automatic tabulation of avgs/totals for a week/year along with graphs or other graphic representations.
    -A space for daily comments and pictures
    -A quick answer data base of frequently asked questions or best response to management as logged here on BC
    -A searchable national contract included
    -Contact list for BA, Stewards, bosses, and UPS/UPSers quick links
    -Sample/best wording for common grievances with contract articles included
    -A personal route map with highlights for early closers, vicious dogs, indirect locations etc...
    It could be linked to your GPS location to automatically send alerts when you enter an area.

    Any other ideas?
    Any good apps already in existence to improve upon or emulate?
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    Caution my friend. Self promotional posts are a violation of this site's terms and rules. You didnt register today and you say it's your kid so I hope that is really true so I'll leave this up. Lots of apps have been deleted from here. I will leave this up and anyone interested can message you. Good luck.
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