Delivery may have broken law

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    Delivery may have broken law - The Daily Iowan

    The delivery man arrived at the apartment door of two UI students, laid the package at their feet, and asked for a signature.
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    OH NOES! 19 YEAR OLDS DRINKING WINE! Charge them! Incarcerate them! Flog them! Drinking at the age of 18 is the most horrible thing in the world, look at the anarchy it has brought about to Europe (many countries which have no legal drinking ages). Let's justify the enforcement by bringing about worst-case scenarios, like how an 19 year old that drank a 6-pack could get into his parent's lexus and run down a flock of nuns. Horrible, horrible horrible. UPS is immoral, I'll ship with DHL, whom force their pilots to fly into war-zones without danger-pay.