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  1. browned out

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    How long does UPS keep individual driver delivery records? Is there a way for UPS to track packages delivered to specific addresses? Example Can UPS type in 1 Main Street, Clarksville, USA and see all the packages delivered to that particular address for the past year or so?
  2. rod

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    They could IF they wanted to and it was to their advantage.
  3. Indecisi0n

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    What did you do?
  4. They can look that up. I guess a bored OMS could look up your address and see what you've been ordering for the last 10 years.
  5. Wally

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    Yep, and they can pull up the gps coordinates too. Everything is digital, so records are here forever.
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    ​I bet the NSA has all that info available
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    My manager called me and the steward into the office. He talked about production numbers. No big deal. Then at the end of the meeting he says "you extended your lunch by 5 minutes" you took 35 minutes. I said what? let me see the records. I watch the last minute change on the diad and start the package car. I know he was lying. He did not have the records or issue discipline. I asked him at least 3 more times in the following days for the delivery records. Manager kept saying he would get the records but I would have to see him on my time. Nothing. I filed a harassment grievance and it got no where. I feel this is a serious issue when your manager can get away with accusing you of being dishonest and then your harassment grievance is not even recognized as harassment.
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    An accusation is not discipline. Get over it. Just part of the game. I know it is not all that easy.
  9. bottomups

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    Tell your center manager that you sat down for your 30 minute lunch and when walking back to the package car had this uncontrolable urge to take a dump. Hence​, the extra 5 minutes.