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    I'm sorry but that was funny. That the dude went for a roundhouse kick at her phone is awesome.

    It's :censored2:ty that he kicked her shoulder but I still laughed loud enough that it woke my girl up. I told her why I laughed and showed her the 'windup' pic and she laughed as well. (if it makes a difference, I didn't want to. I couldn't help it.)

    Also the fact that she calls the peaceful pro-choice protester and another person she spoke of as pro-abortion, means I have zero respect for her - nobody is pro-abortion. Abortions are hard decisions that people feel like they have no other choice but to make, basically the option of last resort.

    It's also ridiculous that she paints pro-choice people as violent maniacs and pro-life people as peace loving saints, stating that the only violence she's seen at pro-life rallies has been from 'pro-abortion' hooligans - yes, that would make sense, unless she expects that a bunch of people who agree with each other would somehow break out into a violent clash.

    What the lady fails to talk about is her sides history of bombing abortion clinics and murdering doctors who performed them, along with the thousands of assaults against the ladies walking in or out of them. So gimme a break with the propaganda, honey. It sucks that you got kicked in the shoulder, and I almost feel bad that you did, but your :censored2:ty rhetoric won't allow me to take it the full mile home.

    It's also clear to me, that after she got home and got blasted with 'advice' from her pro-life social media cronies about how she should broadcast this and pursue it with law enforcement and government officials, despite not being injured in any way, she decided to use this event to try to further her cause and gain publicity - this is a PR move and she was convinced this was good for their "brand".

    This all taken together means NO sympathy from me. None.
    (Plus I HATE :censored2:s that slam their phones out in people's faces and take video whenever they are scared, mad, wronged, etc.)
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    So regardless of these accusations you are making it’s ok to hit women based off what she says? If you caught your boyfriend or what ever your into cheating on you would you hit them? Glad to know we have a real man.

    Vape shop employee fired after INSANE anti-Trump tantrum (VIDEO)

    So let me guess the two men in this video, the trump supporter is some kind of rebel terrorist and the store clerk did not have a meltdown? Lol what ever you have to tell yourself
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    I'll bet your favorite band is the Dirty Projectors.

    Because that's all you do is project whatever negative behaviors cross your mind or computer screen onto liberals, regardless of how disingenuous it is, or how foolish it sounds.
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    Lol the picture speaks for itself
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    Why wouldn't they be?

    Also, when you post links to infowars, it makes you look like a full on retard. Alex Jones is so out of his mind and conspiratorial, that calling him propaganda would be insulting to propagandists everywhere, and give him far too much credit he didn't deserve.
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    Check out Dave Hodges Common Sense Show if you think Alex Jones is entertaining. I do realize they are only in it for the money. And they make a lot of money.
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    And you get facts from cnn?
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    Hillary still has connections...….maybe David Ortiz should have her checked out!
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    Omar Has Agreed to Repay Thousands After Investigation Into Marriages

    Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) will repay thousands after the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board found she filed tax returns claiming she was married to one man when she was married to another.

    Omar has agreed to repay $3,500 and a $500 fine amid the investigation into allegations she misused campaign funds, CBS Minnesota reports.

    CBS Minnesota summarized the history of Omar's personal relationships and Campaign Finance Board Documents.

    Omar had two children with Ahmed Hirsi in the early 2000s, but did not marry him. In 2009, she legally married Ahmed Elmi, but received a faith-based divorce — not a legal one — in 2011. In 2012, Omar reconciled with Hirsi and they had another child. She and Hirsi filed joint married tax returns in 2014 and 2015. In 2016, Omar's lawyer and accountants found her filings needed to be corrected. A year later, Omar filed for divorce from Elmi, and in 2018 she legally married Hirsi.

    Omar's staff did not clarify whether the 2016 correction was her marital status.

    Last week, the Campaign Finance Board voted to cite Omar for campaign finance violations, finding she had accepted speaking fees and had erroneously used campaign funds to speak at a political rally in Boston among other transgressions.