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  1. browned out

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    Has anyone received a verbal warning, written warning or suspension for not maintaining demonstrated performance? I understand the union adheres to the contract "a fair days work for a fair days pay" but that has not stopped the company from handing out warning letters in our center. If you have; when?:sick:
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    Are you talking about on Brown Cafe or at UPS?

    Cheryl has been complaining about me not moderating enough. She can stick it!
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    If people are receiving warning letter it's for methods violations. It's up the the teamster to rebutt these alleged method violations.
  4. Coldworld

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    what is the unions stance on these so called methods violations???
  5. Coldworld

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    Do you think these types of items will be brought up at contract negotiations...I think most drivers try to do the best they can, considering load and what they were taught, but we're not robots or perfect. Ive seen them nit-pic one or two things and just go to town on it...
  6. toonertoo

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    I get talked to daily. They sent me a letter saying I had to maintain it. Ill say it again, said it before, its not possible unless yor day is the same every single day. If you add miles to that bogus lock in ride, it is math, wont happen. If I have 100 more pieces it is math it wont happen. if you have construction delays, guess what, it is math and it cant happen. 2+ 2 is not 5.I manage it by getting there a minute before start, and I get in at night and leave with no fanfare. I go there to do my job and make money. I have given up on the golden key on the merry go round, you cant catch it.
  7. Coldworld

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    I agree tooner...its almost like they know it wont happen but they will sure as hell make you miserable in the process...I think besides drinking or driving down the road with a joint in your mouth thats all they have. Thats why they push this and "proven dishonesty" so damn hard..its all they have so they must use it to its fullest. I guess if I was ups I would do the same thing...within
  8. toonertoo

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    they thrust some pice of paper in my face the other day. Why were you here 6 minutes, here 7, here 3. It raises my bp, if I let it get to me, so I dont.
    Im not napping, Im not on my phone, Im not trying to stay out here til 8. Yea, I move too slow, well, its age, and physical condition. My knees hurt, my hip hurts, and I still think I move better than most of the population.
  9. Coldworld

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    hell the best you can...not worth the mega stress, I know how you feel!
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We have a FT seniority driver who is on their radar for his overallowed. I don't think he has received any discipline as yet but he is certainly getting more than enough attention.
  11. Jones

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    They tried to fire someone using demonstrated performance/lock in ride numbers here, it all got thrown out at the local level hearing.
  12. over9five

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    And what kind of attitude does he have now? Bet he doesn't turn in many sales leads.
    They stab themselves in the foot every time they try this foolishness.
  13. Dracula

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    As I said in an earlier thread, this harassment is going on in Feeders right now. As of yet, I haven't filed a Article 37 grievance, but I've documented every single instance of harassment. As someone above said, they will make your life miserable if you let them. I get called into the office about 3 or 4 times a week to discuss my "performance". I make it my mission in life to speak to them in a completely neutral tone of voice, and no get angry, because I know for a fact they are trying to get you mad/angry. Maybe you will blow your top, and curse them out, or maybe worse. Then they don't need to bug you about your times. Then they can fire you for alleged work place violence, whether that is verbal or physical.

    I simply play as dumb as I possibly can, and tell them that I'm doing the best job that I can. But I'm not going any faster than I am now. It is a lesson that they are very slow to confront.

    Whatever you do, don't lose your routine, resist the urge to cut corners, to speed up or lose your cool. If you show them that you follow their methods, work safe and stay consistent, they will eventually lose interest if you keep doing what you're doing. If you cut corners or speed up, they will see that their intimidation pays dividends. Don't give them the satisfaction.
  14. menotyou

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    Last time I was asked about a sales lead, I asked why I would want one more unhappy customer on my route? You know, the guy that expects quality service and expects me-the one doing the lead- to be the driver he sees. Tell me, xxx, why would I want to do that????? I got the 'Homer' stare. :)
  15. toonertoo

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    Last time I submitted a sales lead, I gained 50 air on delivery and 50 on pick up, but the customer service sales person got the money, I got the OT. This week thus far, I have been no later than .79, if that matters, and .33 has been in loading my truck which we do not code out. I have had 9.53, 9,59 dispatches. Today, the charged me with a concern for a missed pu, even though it clearly shows I was there at 4:20 and scanned air. Instead of sending me an OCA which this company does all the time, as they process stuff late, some yahoo in the phone ctr, didnt do that, he sent a concern. I was overloaded with go back to x compnay, you missed air, you have a concern, what happened, why didnt you go there.
    Good Lord, can someone besides me learn to do the job.
  16. Indecisi0n

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    You can't get fired for numbers.
  17. gostillerz

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    The only way those lock in numbers would work are if they were averaged over more than 3 days. More like a month. Anyone with a brain (or a baseball fan) knows you can't get a decent average with such a small sample size.

    Of course now that it's getting dark earlier and snow will be coming, that should add to it. 6pm on my route in the summer, I can do maybe 25 an hour. Winter it drops probably in half.
  18. tourists24

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    We had one in our division make it all the way to panel... was ridden with numerous times and "locked in".... they rode this guy hard for over a year and a half..... was put back to work with no time off....
  19. CAFAL

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    No disrespect to you. I can honestly say it is attainable. My route is an X route. It's forty percent different each day. Where I start is always changing. Cover this pick up,do this bulk stop,take this air,run off this ml,take stops from this driver and so on. I consistently get the crap nobody wants. I consistently make my numbers with daily changing plans. It's all about planning and attitude. Imo of course
  20. barnyard

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    Way back when I was on the preload, we had a driver fired, but it was for 'inability to work without supervision.'

    During a week of ride-a-longs, the driver scratched every day. No super and the driver was 1.5-2 hours over-allowed.

    The last month of employ, the driver probably had ride-a-longs half of the last month. Scratch with a supe, over without. He was fired and it stuck.