Denied optional days vs half days

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Mike23, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. Mike23

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    I had kind of a weird situation arise today, I'm sure it's happened before but was curious as to the results.

    Two weeks back I decided I'd like to use an option day and have a nice four day weekend (long weekend this weekend in Canada). I was denied do to 'staffing' (I then stupidly threw the paper out). I wasn't peeved about it since I know a lot of senior drivers are on holidays with their families so, no big deal.

    The thing that kind of irked me though, was that I was denied an option day then given a split from another driver who got a half day today. There were several drivers that got a half day today. So why would you not allow the person who applied for the option day to just take the day off and let one of the half day people work the whole day? I obviously can't grieve it after throwing out the paper but was curious if this has ever happened and if it is grieved what was the outcome?
  2. bubsdad

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    I'm not sure about the half day thing but I'm pretty sure that if you put in for an option day and the others were just RO's you should have gotten yours first. At least, that's the way it works here.
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    Call out sick next time. Since they did not work with you repay them the favor next time!
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    call in and use your personal day...and when they ask why your not coming in just tell them its personal. :) if they don't pay you then request a green never likes to submit green checks they have to explain why you didn't get paid
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    Who has more seniority, that's the way it works here driver or not.
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    I know that it works through seniority. My point was I put in a request for an option day that day and was denied it due to 'staffing' and then they DIDN'T have a staffing problem, obviously, and gave the days off (or at least half) to someone else who didn't request it.

    If it was a straight up half day with no strings attached, then yeah, it goes through seniority list but since I REQUESTED the day two days back and was rejected just trying to find out if anyone else hit this situation before.
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    Not sure about your contract but around here we have no half days! If you clock in you are guaranteed 8 hours, even if you show up and are sent home you are guaranteed 6hrs. As for the option day 1 option day should be allowed every day no matter how many are gone on vacation or called in sick or whatever else may happen. It should be granted to the highest seniority person that requested it 8 days in advance.

    Again that is the way it works in the central I am not sure about other locals, but all that info should be in your contract.

    Asuming you are UNION
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    he is a crazy Canuck from Calcary. :wink2:
    They don't have locals there or centers - they call them "around here" and "depots".
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    That's funny right there.
  10. Mike23

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    Get it right Hoax...They're 'deboots'

    If we don't have enough volume we get half days here. It's four hours paid and you punch out at four hours.

    It's nice now and then unless you're a commercial driver like me then you get the shaft because they don't have anyone to cover your PUs so when someone gets a half day you get hit with anywhere from 10-20 resi stops (ontop of the 10 already on your truck) and never get to repay the other guy for agreeing to the half day :biting: