denied work on saturday

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    In our local we have 3 buildings.We have 1 major full time senority list for all 3 buildings.Then in each building, they have there own vacation list for the people who bid into that building. My center did not post a list to work saturday,but 2 of the other centers did.Myself and another driver informed managment we wanted to work in 1 of the other buildings.(we both have more senority than most of the drivers working sat).Managment said that we couldnt work"ITS BUILDING SPECIFIC".???Then the BA OF THE UNION AGREED!??To top it off we were short a driver today,so 1 of the other centers sent up a cover driver to work with the supervisor.I just dont understand WHATS THE DIFFERENCE???Any opinions??
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    Now I'm mad they should have had me cover that route. then I wouldn't have had to drive an hour to work and the other driver would have had to drive and hour the opposite direction.

    I don't think you have more seniority than any of the drivers working Sat I know of a couple of driver with over 20 years that where on the list and they didn't force anyone from the bottom in Springfield. Deerfield is the old folks home so I know you don't have more seniority than anyone in that building.
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    Funny I have at least 180 below me on the full time list,and over half the drivers in Deerfield are below me also.:-)
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    Please don't take this the wrong way

    Go into a room by yourself
    Check if you have BALLS
    If you do
    Grieve this
    Don't take NO as an answer from your local
    Tell them you want this pursued to the end of the grievance procedure
    And maybe you will set a precedent
    And have a story to bragg about

    Most things in the contract(supplement & master + riders) started out from grievances from brother & sisters who stuck there NECK out and fought the establishment.

    God bless

    Your steward

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    Saturday's seniority is backwards. The lowest man has the highest seniority. At least where I am.
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    They are only using two drivers in my center today. I think they may have underestimated the volume and these guys are going to get slammed.

    I don't know about you guys, but I am so tired of seeing "Please Knock or Ring Bell" or the "DR on 1st Attempt" notes only to be reminded by the center manager to "DR on 1st Attempt".
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    The last valentines I worked, we had 279 stops for a center that gets 40 normally. I was at the airport and the Ithaca kid next to me and I got SLAMMED! Syracuse had 15 drivers, all on the other side of the belt, and all were laughing their asses off because two of us we get hammered and they were playing pocket pool all morning. Mothers Day was just as bad, without me Thank God. They never schedule these days correctly. I always hated those days because no one is happy. The customer you can't deliver to, the drivers who have to clean up on Monday, or you, because you actually care about doing a good job.
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    asked yesterday if they needed help today due to mother's day and was told they have it handled. On Monday I'll look at the reports and see if they handled it correctly, if not I'll file and make a little extra for not being worked. Extra work goes to those who didn't get the opportunity to work 40hrs last week first, then by seniority and they know I'm watching, somebody's gotta keep them honest.
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    User Name Only 230 Today?? lol

    They sent us all messages on wednesday wondering who wanted to work. Sorry five days is enough for me, see you on monday.

    Maybe tuesday
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