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  1. With all the challenges we face everyday, I wonder how many of us suffer from mild to severe depression. There are so many negitives out there: Long hours, harrassment, contract rumors, customers, not enough time at home, rising gas prices,bills, a average day we all are faced with numerous stressfull situations. Does anyone feel depressed? If so what do you do to cope with it.
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    Sounds like your describing life in general...
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    The things you're listing are really more of a contributor to stress rather than depression. I deal with that stuff mainly by focusing on the things I can control and not obsessing too much over the things that I can't. If you're actually suffering from clinical depression you should seek professional help.
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    I don't know if I do. There are a lot of similarities between depression and mental/physical exhaustion. My fix. A nice Friday evening out with the my better half and glass or two of wine. Sleep in Saturday, get all the chores done by early afternoon. Spend time with the family, maybe catch a movie. Sleep in even longer on Sunday. Stay in my Pj's and surf the web, watch some TV. Read the paper. By 3 Sunday I feel great. Come Sunday night around 8:30 when I lay out my browns, I start on the decent towards the Friday exhaustion.
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    I tell myself that things could be have to think positive and learn to be happy with the things you have.
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    used to have mild depression

    lose weight, good diet, plenty of sleep, exercise, and sunshine works for me.

    a lot of people swear by meditation.

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    Seek other employment, counseling and a good doctor. One or all of these. Jones has a good point about what you can control. I gave up on caring about a lot of things I can't control. I try to cultivate relationships with others where I can who can materially affect them.
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    I get about none of those.....except for the exercise I get from work. Without it I would be a blimp.
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    not to be flippant, but my depression is the only thing that keeps me going
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    Brown hornet,welcome to our forum.
    I think we all get depressed now and then,with all the responsibilities that life throws our way.
    With a demanding job,like we have,at times it can feel a bit over the top.
    Luckily in my case it's not chronic,and generally passes after a few days,but I do believe in some
    cases,seeking help from a doctor is a good idea.

    1BROWNWRENCH Amateur Malthusian


    1BROWNWRENCH Amateur Malthusian

    And find a good hobby, or get back to what you used to do for fun. I just recently picked up my guitar again and bought some new gear. I ride when I can and see places and experience events I haven't had before. I am making it a point to plan a weeklong+ roadtrip with my old riding pal of 25 years on an annual basis. Motorcycling will probably help keep me alive until it kills me(probably with some assistance from a third party).
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    I'm not sure what there is to be depressed about, the good pay, the fact our insurance is paid for, the job security, or the fact we don't have anyone to watching over us 95% of the day? I used to get stressed out about sups hollering about meaningless crap, now I see what the 20+ guys meant when "don't stress it, just do your job".

    Baiscly I believe most depression is a result of choices you make or how you deal with problems when they arise, not the actual job. Imagine the stress you would have if you didn't have a job and all those other problems you listed were still there.
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    For many, many people, depression is NOT a choice.
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    Maybe so. In my case one or more factors would merely be replaced by others. I do agree that how you deal with them has the biggest impact. Life is full of disappointment and you need to get used to it.:goodpost:
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    I've always said,I'm not happy unless I'm upset about something.
    Some of the best music ever written was by the hopelessly depressed .
    Sometimes I think that feeling down is a wake up call to rethink that particular
    unsavory aspect of your life that you've been neglecting.
    Am I crazy? Maybe Serenity now is on to something.
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    I don't get how delivering packages can be so stressful to some. Might just be me, though.
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    Hey, it translates to writers......Look at Edgar Allen Poe....he was insane!!.....but we study his works in school.
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    Its not the packages, Its the DING-DONGS! That we work for that push some of us to the edge!!!!!