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    1. Say the first thing that pops into your head.
    This game will work best if you don't hesitate or agonize over your choice of words. There are no right or wrong answers. Its all just for fun.

    2. Don't try to predict the answers.
    It's natural to want to try to outsmart the quizzes or guess what their hidden meanings may be. But that takes the fun out of the game and besides, what will you learn from that?

    3. Be honest with yourself.
    It may be only a game, but if it can teach you something about yourself- let it!

    4. Keep an open mind.
    It is important to keep things in perspective. There are no correct answers and there are more than one way of reading any situation.

    Read the scenario that is provided and answer the question(s).

    Your desktop is spilling over with unfinished paperwork; the rest of the office has already gone home for the night. You look up at the clock and it laughs back. You wonder, with a sinking feeling inside, if this job will ever be done.
    The professor drones on and on through a three-hour double lecture on the world’s most boring subject. There’s no space left for doodles in your notebook, and you’re only thirty minutes into the class. You begin to think you’ve somehow been frozen in time.
    Waiting can be a special form of torture, worse than any momentary pain. The combination of frustration and boredom can send even the bravest heart into a state of panic. Our journey will bring us face-to-face with the finite. Take a moment to prepare yourself, and enter the eternal desert…
    1. You are riding a camel across the vast and empty expanse of a seemingly endless desert. You have ridden until you are nearly exhausted. What words would you say to the camel that has carried you all the way?
    2. Just at the point when you thought you’d die of thirst, a beautiful oasis appears. But someone has arrived before you. Who is this other traveler? (Use the name of a person you know.)
    3. Time passes slowly in the desert, and it feels like an eternity before the lights of a town appear on the horizon. You have finally reached your destination. What are your feelings as you come to your journey’s end?
    4. The time has come to part with the camel you have ridden for so long. Just as you dismount, a new rider climbs into the saddle to take your place. Who is the new rider? (Name another person in your life.)
    My answers
    1. Come on, we can do it.
    2. Jared
    3. Yay, I'm finally there. Now I can have some fun.
    4. Carole
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    Doesn't look like we are going to make it.
    Yes, a cold beer