Detroit, UPS figure way out of sex assault kit backlog

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    Detroit, UPS figure way out of sex assault kit backlog - USA Today

    Hundreds of thousands of sexual assault victims around the country have gone through the humiliation of medical exams to obtain the DNA of their alleged attackers, only to have the evidence sit unused and not analyzed in a warehouse or on a shelf for years, sometimes decades.

    But now, metro Detroit may have found a way to combat the problem that has plagued cities from Cleveland to New York to Jacksonville, Fla. The Wayne County, Mich., Prosecutor's Office has teamed up with United Parcel Service to create a system that will prevent valuable DNA evidence from being abandoned once it's collected. The system, known as UPS Trackpad, uses the same technology as UPS package tracking and allows officials and government staffers to know where assault evidence sits at any point in the collection process and what has been done to it at any given point.