Dhl at their best

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    On Friday I was going up to a home to do a stop when I noticed 8 big boxes by the door, I saw there were Dhl shipments and also had big Sig Required stickers all over them, just left at door. Talked to the homeowner few days back and tere out of town for 2 weeks!
    Gee wounder why Dhl is pulling back in North america?
  2. browned_out

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    Re: Dhl at there best

    Their good at DRing to business stops as well.
  3. scratch

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    Re: Dhl at there best

    My local DHL guy DRs Dell boxes out in the rain. They deserve each other.
  4. GuyinBrown

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    Now if we could just get them to steal the Pottery Barn account..... :happy-very:
  5. browniehound

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    Its not like they don't have the time to get a signature!

    Their trucks are completely empty every time I see the inside of one. Say what you want about UPS regarding price and damages, but DHL reaks of a 2nd class operation.

    They simply don't value service like UPS does. I guess when you are subsidized by the german goverment you have no concern about costs.

    How OUR government or judicial system allows this to perpetuate in OUR country is beyond my comprehension.

    Which brings me to my next point. My center team can give PCM after PCM until they are blue in the face about losing volume to the competition, and they may be correct to a point. But it doesn't pass the eyeball test.


    UPS trucks: stuffed front to back every day.

    DHL empty, FedEx empty at 1030 am. I have more deliveries left at 430 than DHL makes all day.

    FedEx ground is somewhat full, but the driver stated to me "I see six regular drivers in this town to my one route" Yes we have higher labor costs, but it looks like we are at least 6 times more efficient than FedEx ground.

    Which route makes more money? The FedEx ground route that covers all of Clarksville, or the UPS route that does 1/6th of Clarksville? I might be wrong here because I'm just a driver, so can someone from management chime in here and correct me?

    So, from where I sit, it looks like UPS has a LONG way to fall before we reach the depths of these 2nd rate operations.
  6. rod

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    I see where DHL hooked up with Walgreens to make everyone of their stores and shipping counter. That's a big step for them.
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    I've never liked DHL. While I was working as a Driver Helper, I noticed them DR'ing things that shouldn't have been DR'ed, as have many of you. I always wonder how they stay in business, beings that I rarely ever see them on the road.
  8. Phil800101

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    When I driver helped back during peak of 2005, on peak day no less, while at a red light my driver and I saw a DHL sprinter parked in a convenience store parking lot with the driver sitting on the back of it having a smoke. This was at about 10:30 am. We got a good laugh outta that one.
  9. Cementups

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    Re: Dhl at there best

    The FedEx guuy on my area gives me crap like that jokingly. He recognizes the fact that it takes 5 UPS drivers to cover the area that he does. Especially when you point out to them that you do twice as many stops as him. His only arguement to me are his miles are greater.
  10. disneyworld

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    I guess I'll have to stop shopping at Walgreens. Much like I stopped buying Hallmark cards.
  11. Hangingon

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    I heard they had a 900 million dollar loss last year and there is some discussion about shrinking the US network. I'm sure the next PCM will be about we need to work harder so we don't end up like DHL.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Why the boycott of Hallmark?

    The DHL guy in my area just retired. He was a long time airborne dtiver and says working for DHL is the worst. The majority of his pick ups and deliveries has to do with their Intl arm. The sales guys are having a hard time convincing people to try them instead of us or FDX.
  13. disneyworld

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    I believe Hallmark dropped us after the 97 strike. I buy American Greeting.
  14. under the radar

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    I actually thank the DHL guy on my route for making me look good (and that's not easy to do).

    From what I've read, they are going to focus on customer service rather than expansion. It's hard to change a corporate culture like that but we cannot rest on our laurels. We've got to keep doing what got us where we are. Doing it right.
  15. lurker

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    I always laugh when I go into Office Max for a pickup. Office Max has DHL shipping signs and drop box at the front of the store. They advertise in the store as being an official sponsor of Office Max, but Office Max ships all of their stuff UPS.
  16. rod

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    I meant to say make everyone of their stores "a" shipping counter. Damm liquor- makes me type stupid.:happy2:
  17. trplnkl

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    Then I must have been drunk too, I understood exactlly what you meant.:happy-very:
  18. The Brown Santa

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    Ordered a pizza a few weeks ago on a Friday night. Guy pulls up in a DHL van with my pizza.....:ohmy:
  19. Pollocknbrown

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    they are aiming to improve customer service? it took them a week to get me 2 different items from louisville to buffalo (and i ordered 2nd day air). It takes us 2 days to ship it from louisville to buffalo (trust me i've unloaded and loaded trucks for louisville full with 2nd day air stuff and 3 day select). work on making commitments then we'll talk about the rest.
  20. FDX Guy

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    DHL van?

    what time did you order the pizza?

    DHL drivers aren't like Home Delivery because they don't own thier own route therefore I see it hard for one to drive up in a company van.