DHL to announce 'further steps' in restructuring

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    DHL to announce 'further steps' in restructuring - Business Courier

    The parent of DHL has scheduled a news conference for 8 a.m. Eastern time on Monday to discuss “further steps” in a previously announced restructuring of its U.S. operations.

    According to a report on a BusinessWeek blog this week, the slowdown in the U.S. economy is forcing DHL to make even more cuts than those contemplated in May. It has yet to announce an agreement on the terms of a proposed outsourcing deal with UPS that was supposed to save it $1 billion a year. The deal sparked antitrust concerns in Congress. Wilmington-based ABX Air, a unit of Air Transport Services Group Inc., has said it could provide all of DHL’s airlift within the United States on terms comparable to UPS but with better service. But ABX officials said DHL has not been interested in even talking about the proposal.