DHL update from Beck

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    The update on dh's hub was again the topic of Glenn Becks show today.
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    I don't know about Glenn Beck or the DHL hub, but some laid off workers here gambled & lost. They had a choice: (A) resign/forfeit seniority and get a severance package, or (B) try for a WARN Act settlement. They just lost their appeal in the 7th Circuit court.
    Court Bars Workers' Suit Against DHL Over Layoffs:
    CHICAGO (CN) - Former DHL Express employees lost their bid for benefits from the German package delivery service, which they say failed to give adequate notice before closing six plants, the 7th Circuit ruled.
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    You don't suppose that Beck had any political motives, do you? Let's see, " This circle on the board represents Communism, and this circle is President Obama". "This third circle is the Nazi connection at DHL". "Connect all three, and what do you get?" JOSEF HITLER STALIN!!! "GET OFF MY PHONE, YOU LITTLE PINHEAD!!!" If Glenn Beck wasn't famous, and you heard him ranting and raving on the street, you'd think he was crazy. Crazy like a FOX (pun intended). Beck is cashing in big time on the morons who make up the Tea Party and are as loony as him.