dhl / Yellow freight ?

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  1. mikestrek

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    Have any of you heard of DHL Buying out Yellow Freight? our district manager said it was a done deal, But when I talk to the Yellow Freight guys, They tell me that was all just a rumor.
  2. feeder

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    If my information is correct, For DHL to purchase Yellow, DHL would have to buy Roadway Express because those are the current owners of Yellow.....

    FAVREFAN Active Member

    Yellow is under the YRCW(nasdaq) umbrella. The deal was rumored to be in the works quite a while ago. It did not happen.
    Deutsche Post AG Not Interested in YRC Worldwide Inc.-Reuters
    September 26, 2007Reuters reported that Deutsche Post AG has no interest in YRC Worldwide Inc., a financial source said on September 26, 2007. Sorry, the above story is expired and I could only pull the headline. In case you aren't aware, DHL is a part of Deutsche Post AG. Your district manager should watch what rumors he spreads.
  4. Big Babooba

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    As is Roadway and New Penn.

    FAVREFAN Active Member

    I don't understand why there is such buzz about YRCW anyways. They are worth a mere $1.10Billion now. A sitting duck. Thing is nobody wants them. As UPSers, we need to worry about DHL, not Yellow. Sure I know a million people will reply about how bad DHL is doing here right now, but give them 7-10 years and they will be a huge, huge player. Not many UPSers realize how big DHL's daddy is. He's much, much bigger and better than ours.
  6. mikestrek

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    YES, We even had a vidio presentation on how big DHL was getting and how DHL was also getting into the freight business also. It was one of those "RA RA RA UPS" speaches by our district Manager.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    DHL is not making inroads in the domestic market as they had hoped. Can't see why they would invest in a trucking company where decreased volume and high fuel prices are killing the industry at the moment.
  8. Harley Rider

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    Driver for DHL in the town I deliver to is working reload for UPS now in the evening and driving for DHL during the day. She told me Friday that DHL was going broke and she wanted to get on driving at UPS. Don't know if she has an inside scoop or not.

    FAVREFAN Active Member

    Listen people. DHL has known what it was going to take all along. Alanysts have said it may be ten years before they turn a penny profit on U.S. soil.
    Just because they aren't turning a profit doesn't mean they aren't making "inroads". They are stealing plenty of our customers. Just not turning a profit on them yet. That comes a long way down the road.

    Deutsche Post AG (ISIN: DE0005552004, LSE: DPO) is a German post, logistics and courier headquartered in Bonn, previously the German state-owned mail monopoly. It has 520,000 employees in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide and generated revenue of € 60.5 billion ($ 80.65 billion) in 2006. Today Deutsche Post AG is the world's largest logistics company operating under the tradename "Deutsche Post World Net".
    These guys can and will finance this until it becomes profitable.
    Remember when we were losing our as_es in Europe?
  10. david cassin

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    ups should buy up yellow up for the low price now and attack fedex in the trucking for dhl's daddy the old german government monoply on post will be up in a year or two and their biggest market the german mkt will be opened more to ups/fedex/tnt geopost /dpd etc
    we gave a good foothold in germany.
    big daddys money will run out and they won't be able to contain the losses.they are undercutting our prices on exports and god only knows how they are making money.they are taking pkgs for the sake of building up their figures....:happy2:
  11. alister

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    yes, just like how UPS gave up on Germany when it started there in 1976. how long did it take before we made a profit there?

    dhl is not going away, they are here for the long haul just like we are there.
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  12. toonertoo

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    DHL is a joke. If Im not correct please tell me why.
    Amazon shipped one of my pkgs from Dhl, scheduled for Friday, they couldnt find me, second attempt never happened, "weather event" 3rd attempt never happened my husband went to the terminal and picked it up......Had no choice who they used, when I saw it was dhl, I knew it was going to be trouble.

    FAVREFAN Active Member

    Please, no offense, I am a UPSer here, but.....It always amazes me when some citizen will judge a $100billion+ company on one package or product. Every company, service provider, etc.....makes mistakes once in a while.

    FAVREFAN Active Member

    Great link. Thanks. Quite a bit of speculations and "what ifs". But good info. to ponder. I think they are sticking around for the long haul though.
  15. Coldworld

    Coldworld Bad mall donut!!!

    whoever said that yellow freight is only worth 1 billion is wrong. Yellow is the largest ltl carrier now, fedex is in the top 2 or 3 also. What ups needs to do is buy TNT. This company is HUGE overseas and also has some mail delivery associated with it I believe. This move would probably put us ahead of fedex in almost every country and we would be much closer to dhl in many international regions.There has been talk of this for a long time. As for ups loosing volume to dhl, Im sure its happening but not at a rate to have anyone at ups take notice. People, including some upsers have no idea how big ups is. Ups delivers more parcels than dhl and fedex combined. they deliver more than the post office, if you take away their letter and small bags and envelopes. Us as employees cant do much about national accounts being undercut...its out of our hands.
  16. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    PLease, no offense here either. BUT,
    UPS is the most dependable, just the way it is. Not based on a one time online purchase in my lifetime, based on tracking, based on experience, based on what I hear from their drivers. Based on what I see on the road. At the shippers, at the receivers.
    Im hardly a newbie in the shipping world. While I love the dhl driver in my delivery area, great guy, I know he would prefer to be driving for US, (so he thinks) . UPS has bungled a delivery or two of mine, in my short little delivery work life, but at the end of the road, I prefer mine on the brown truck.
    If we dont know an address we look, a little harder, especially at this time of year. If its an emergency condition, we walk a little farther to get it delivered. Most of us just try a little harder. Dont know about the numbers or profits, just know what I see.

    FAVREFAN Active Member

    Sorry COLDWORLD. You are correct. Yellow isn't worth a $Billion. It's worth $966Million as it's stock price continues to erode. YRCW.....Do the homework bro. Doesn't matter how big they are.....slow economy is killing them more so than others. $966Million buys the entire entity. Chump change in the business world.

    FAVREFAN Active Member

    I totally agree with you dude. I'm a UPSer all the way. I love/hate this company just like everyone else. I'm just tired of the morons out there who keep saying that DHL is nothing to worry about. That type of unwarranted confidence will get us a flatline on our ground growth forever. I just want people to stay aware and understand the level of competition that is constantly growing against us. Go Brown!

    FAVREFAN Active Member

    Final point for me.......this is actually for the package car guys out there. Remember not too long ago when Fedex ground was just getting going. They were getting killed, spending Billions on infrastructure and so many were laughing and saying, "These guys will never turn a profit".'re out on the're seeing quite a few trucks nowadays right? No one is laughing anymore. They're competing.
    Competition is good. Very good. But maintaining market share and continuing volume growth over the long haul is key.
    Everybody have a kick butt Merry Christmas!!!