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Hi gang! We got a much needed upgrade to the DIAD 4 that I am sure will be coming to a hub near you and it's about time. It only works with hubs that already have EDD/PAS. It allows you type only part of the 1Z on the packages that won't scan due to damage to the barcode or a PAL label being on top of it. Just enter 4 consecutive numbers of the package (when that stop is open) and it will find that whole 1Z. Everyone here loves it because the pain of having to toggle between numbers and letters is pretty much over. Another upgrade has to do with a seperate entry for brokerage fees on the COD menu and it provides a UPS Brokerage Fees hotline for the customer to call if they have any questions on why they have to pay a fee to UPS Supply Chain Solutions for their box to clear customs.

The other thing is that now the DIAD can have Power Point PCM's/Training/Presentations added to it. Of course, the first day we did that my battery died at my last stop on a not so busy day so I don't know how well that is going to work. The battery life on these things are iffy at best.


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Thats good news about the software update. I hate typing in the eighteen digit barcode and having to shift between the alpha and numeric fields. Half the time, the PAS Labels are unreadable too. The Powerpoint presentations would be nice too, I have an early Start Time and seldom make PCMs.


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The upgrade is scheduled for installation on 9/21. Everyone with EDD should have the new "Find Barcode" (FindBC key) on Monday.

The only thing that could trip you up is that you must be in an EDD stop for it to work. If the unscannable label is the first label for that stop, you have to scan a different one before using FindBC. If the unscannable label is the only label for that stop, select the stop from the EDD manifest and then FindBC will work.

There are plans to address the battery issues in DIAD4, but I don't know if this will be rolled out by peak. You've all probably heard it before, but keep the copper contacts on the bottom of the DIAD and in the rack slot clean to guarantee you get the best charge in your board overnight. Also make sure your DIAD has a green light in the morning. If the light isn't green when you get to it in the AM, it doesn't have a full charge.


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Make sure to check out the new training that is in the DIAD 4. The second day has good tips on keeping your DIAD working and saving battery. There is also a new feature to turn the lights on the keys off to save your battery.
Love the upgrade. Took a few tries to use the FindBC key correctly but it sure helps. Must of had a dozen drivers this morning who couldn't figure out they had to scan their package car. "What does scan bar code mean?" Idiots. And definitely had more battery power than usual when I punched out.


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One of the upgrades is the ability to shut the back light off the screen for day use.

That will save the batteries.


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Keypad Backlight On/Off
To conserve battery power the keypad backlight is now defaulted off. The keypad backlights can be toggled on or off using a key sequence.

Car Number Entry Change
DIAD will allow the scanning of a Vehicle Number barcode. These barcodes have been applied to all package cars and TP60s. This eliminates the manual key entry of vehicle numbers by the Service Provider into the DIAD.

Collection Entry Screen Changes
The DIAD contains a new field for entry of Brokerage Fees when the Service Provider delivers an international package. The Service Provider can enter separate amounts for the COD amount to be paid to the shipper, and the Brokerage Fee amount to be paid to UPS Brokerage. A new softkey is also available for additional Brokerage Fee information.

Brokerage Fees
The DIAD will now prompt when Brokerage Fees are due. This prompt also displays the amount of the fees to be collected by the Service Provider.

Unscannable Barcodes (EDD sites only)
When a barcode is unscannable the Service Provider will be able to key enter a minimum of four characters of the barcode to display a list of matching barcodes for the address. This will reduce the manual key entry of unscannable barcodes. It will also improve data capture accuracy.

Training in the DIAD (DIAD IV Only)
The DIAD IV can now display videos, PCMs, training and other multimedia communications. Service Providers can also enter interactive feedback such as true/false and multiple choice answers.

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Again, why are we scanning the truck barcode? And my eyes are getting old too..I have a difficult time reading the DIAD board in the daylight.

We were told that many of us can't be counted on to enter the correct package car number. Something about drivers intentionally entering the wrong number, so it is harder to find and follow them by management....