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    Ok so I have a question about dup key . When Im in trailor park , apt , etc I use this so I do not have to re-type the address (we dont have the auto system yet I dont recall what its called) . So my question is when I do this does it give less credit for stops? I ask this after reading the post last week about using dup key for early am. :smart:
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  3. klein

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    I don't see any harm in it.
    Our diads normally kept the last addy in memory anyways, just had to change the house nr. (unless, you "play" with your diad inbetween).
  4. teresarice

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    Diad 4 so how much time have Lost per stop ? And ill take any other time saving advise:greedy:
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    You will get a million answers to this because most won't understand the question. 2 ways to use dup. One is to repeat the address for additional apts. consignees etc. The other is to do the same stop again for run backs, forgotten pkgs etc. The first one you get credit for a stop, the second no. Those of us on PAS no longer use the first option.
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    ..unless the pkg in question is not in EDD. As far as the run backs or forgotten pkgs, you are right in that you don't get credit if you are going back on your own and sheet as dup stop but you do get credit for an additional stop if directed to go back by OMS. In this case you would not use dup stop.
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    The answer is no. If you hit the duplicate key, it'll repeat the last address. When you put in a new apartment number or trailer number, you'll get credit for the stop. If you hit the duplicate key in the section where you enter the apartment, then down on the bottom of the screen, the word duplicate appears. If that word shows up (it's highlighted) then the system will think you're redoing the stop. If you hit duplicate up in the address section, then no harm done. I'm a Saturday driver and we don't use EDD on Saturday, so I know the difference.
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    Ok thanks. I dont even know how edd works we do not have that here.
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    EDD is pretty cool. It takes alot of the memorization out of the day because it's all in the board. The one thing that sucks is the trace is usually off and most of the managers didn't take that into account and it takes an act of congress to get them to change your trace. It also changes all of the routes. Your route will change when and if you get EDD. And they add more work on to you because they take out the time you use to have for sorting, even though you dig through your truck looking for the stupid package anyway. There's pro's and con's.
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    TO kline Thank for the advice or one of our drivers.... ITS SO GOOD GETTING ADVICE FROM SOME ONE LIKE YOU....... please Tell us what position you have in company. WHERE DO YOU WORK.OH ITS NOT UPS.
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    Don't feel bad. The joker who set up my EDD didn't have a clue - even after I told him you can't fit a 10 1/2 foot truck under a 10 foot high overpass. Well actually it can be done, but it's not good for the truck. A few of our drivers can testify to that!
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    If you are using the dup key from the consignee field it will show dup on the address screen. When this is showing you will not get credit for a stop. Using it to bring up the address from the prior stop does not do this and you will get credit as for any stop you typed in the address.
  13. MC4YOU2

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    Yeah. What he said.
    Plus the easy to tell the difference between the two ways Monster is describing is this -
    If the word "dup" is highlighted over by the room # space, you are losing exactly one stop allowance credit each time you complete a stop. If there is no "dup" highlighted, then you are losing not one bit of allowance. Enjoy!
  14. brownmonster

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    Like I said. You will get a million answers. Some will be incomprehensible.
  15. dilligaf

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    On the main screen, if you are in the address (#) or first box and you hit dup all it does is dup the previous address. If you arrow over until you hilite at the bottom of the main screen (where you would put in apt # or floor #) and hit dup then you are tagging that address with the same address that has already been delivered.

    MC4YOU2 has it correct I just added a little more detail.