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    why in the world woundnt the management of UPS give drivers helpers training in using the DIAD, instead we fumble around with this thing. I was give in a 2 min crash course by the driver.
  2. stevetheupsguy

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    Maybe they didn't intend for you to use the DIAD. You may have just been hired to run pkgs for the driver.
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    Then why do they give the driver two boards to use?
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    So that mgmt can have the "right" numbers, of course.:wink2:
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    To please the I.E. gods? Because UPS' top tier management cannot comprehend the fact that a helper team can be efficient without an additional diad board. They have the extra board to try and show on paper that the helper is being utilized properly and efficiently. Just like most things at UPS involving numbers, it's all cow manure.

    At my center, we were all instructed to have a minimum of 40 stops in the helper's DIAD. So instead of using my DIAD, I just use the helpers for 40 stops and then throw it in the back of the truck.

    There are some helper teams that can utilize an additional board, primarly in commercial areas. But as you pointed out, the company doesn't really train helpers like they used to. And I guess I can't blame them, because most helpers are being utilized as runners in residential areas and have no need to use a seperate DIAD.
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    My helper did not receive diad training. Management told him, "the driver will go over the diad with you." Instead, they spent two hours walking around the parking lot, with management holding stopwatches on them. The helpers were told, "We expect you to walk 5 feet per second, throughout the day. No less." As I wiped away the tears of laughter, I told my helper to forget that nonsense and just walk as he usually does. They were actually outside in the parking lot timing these poor helpers with stopwatches trying to get them to walk at a pace of 5 feet per second!
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    Wow... I've never heard of that happening before. That's pretty pathetic.
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    I never train my helpers on the diad board. I usually end up with 2 or 3 different helpers during the peak season, so I'm not wasting my time training them. My helpers rarely even touch the diad. Maybe I'll tell them to get a signature with the board all ready to go.
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    I received no DIAD training from the orientation. My driver, on the other hand, has taught me a few things and we're pretty efficient with just the one DIAD.

    Although today we had about 300 stops (even after giving ~40 to someone else!)...halfway through, the main DIAD crapped out, and of course the "helper" DIAD didn't have EDD so every package had to be manually entered. I put in over 10 hours today (and there were still at least 50 stops left when I was dropped off). What a pain...
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    I only pray that sometime management tries to tell full time drivers to walk at 5 feet per second. Oh, the fun we would have laughing at them!
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    My helper is very proficient on DIAD III to the point where he can deliver office buildings with different suite numbers. He even knows how to do a multiple left at. Yesterday we put 100 stops on his board, 60 in mine and I was punched out and gone by 1815. Now if only he would put the cell phone away.:wink2:
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    I recieved no training either so I have a question when leaving an info notice what do i do after i scan it?
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    After you scan it you have to hit void to get back to the package that you are delivering. You would then enter the reason for the non-delivery, hit stop complete and then choose residential or commercial.
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    There is plenty of training available for local management to use.

    If they do a search on the iGate for helper training, there are probably 20 documents there. It includes the proper use of a helper, how to manage and plan for helpers, as well as helper training on the DIAD.

    The local management just needs to use what already exists. Its pretty good stuff.

  16. blue efficacy

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    Big arrow down, big arrow up, non del, reason (usually Not In), attempt 1, 2, or 3, stop complete, 1-res 2-commercial
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    Or you can big arrow up and down and do the same thing. It works better if you sheet the pkg as NI or whatever the reason and the times attempted, and then scan the info notice. Afterwards you can just stop complete without having any troubles. Good luck out there evilleace.:peaceful:
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    Before you scan the barcade on the info notice, shift to override and that will keep the scan on the same line as the pkg. You wont have to void out the blank space.
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    Didn't know that--thanks.

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    My helper received a hour of training on Diad III, two weeks before he started helping, he didn't remember a dam thing had to retrain him and on Monday I will probably have to do it all over again.
    I was told every stop the helper does goes in the helper board, what a pain in the ass, diad III is so slow.

    On walking five feet every second, I was told by my sup on a safety ORO, that I was not walking with a sense of urgency, that i need to walk five feet every sec and he wrote it up has a unsafe practice. LOL