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    I have recently been in tune with our local news coverage concerning the outbreaks of staph infections and other contagious viruses. Has anyone ever thought about how many times the DIAD changes hands on a daily basis. It seems like UPS would come up with some sort of solution to minimize the handling of the DIADS for the safety of its customers and employees. Just something to think about.
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    We've had a serious breakout of staph infections here. I saw something in the paper about the University of Colorado--Boulder having a particularly nasty problem. Its one of those public health dangers. I don't doubt UPS is acutely aware of the issue but I don't have a clue what corporate would suggest doing differently with DIAD. -Rocky
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    We have some DIAD cleaning wipes in our center. Granted you can't really take them with you during the day but when they are present you can give the board a quick wipe down at the end of the day. I have thought about putting some of those Clorox wipes in my pkg. car.
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    Good point! have you ever delivered to the back door of a restaurant where the cook is making a clubhouse sandwich and signing the diad inbetween putting fries and coleslaw on the plate?
    Even receptionists dont realize that this little diad pen has been touched by about 900 people just this month...the diad itself must be crawling with laotian cooties and icky stuff.There is polution everywhere ,I put mine under a tap and wash it once a week(my diad that is)with soap.
    I wonder if anyone ever got aids off a diad...or the laotian flu?
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    Wear a pair of batting gloves. You canstill use diad easily and it keeps you away from unwanted germs
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    Get some Purell wipes, and if you come upon a sickly looking individual use them. Ive had people refuse to touch my board or pen, as they are obsessed, by the thought of germs..............
    Actually since we do what we do, we are pretty immune, I dont worry much unless someone is like real sick. And then I just say, thats OK heres your box, cya..Hope you feel better soon.
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    Ever wonder why no one has anywhere to eat on their route? Coz we deliver to the back door.....................:bored:
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    I aint that picky...theres no fast food places in my area...so I move around a lot,,,rotis,samosas,...latlely i bring my lunch
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    I alway give my DIAD a quick wipedown whenever I'm in a mens room throughout the day.

    Oh, wait a minute! I USED to give my DIAD..... !!!!!!!

    And I've run across people who don't want to touch it. I don't blame them. I put it down, and they sign it with whatever without touching it. No problem.

    I HATE to see food service workers sign it while they're preparing. Yuck!
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    I'll give you the company line because I have to. You're not supposed to give the DIAD to the customer. You are supposed to hold it for them while they sign.

    The DIAD is NOT waterproof. If this DIAD fails due to water damage, it is not covered by the warranty and I believe you will be held responsible for its replacement. There are DIAD cleaning supplies which your center can order for exactly this purpose. If they don't have them, make them order them. DIADs aren't exactly inexpensive.
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    :lol: Gimme a break!!!! How long have we been using the Diad? I know I was around for the original board, except for a wipe down every once in while, don't even think about it. Now, if your putting your fingers in your mouth after touching the board all day-maybe. I just wash my hands every now and then-good to go.
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    I also used the men's room to clean my diad of filth. A little soap also didn't hurt and the water never bothered it. Remember, it was designed to be used in the rain.

    What made me nervous was the years of stuff that leaked out of packages onto the truck shelves. I sometimes wiped down my shelves to get the dirt off them, which always got transferred to the packages. A preloader tossing a heavy box on a top shelf brought God knows what out of the crack.
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    Gross- little red-haired, bare-foot troll came to his apt. door with his mouth stuffed with food and choked as he was signing the diad - coughed food chunks and spit all over the board! :drool:

    Double Gross- had a women finish blowing her nose then wipe the wet signature screen off with the tissue before she signed! :nono:
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    I have people that are so filthy that I do not let them sign. I hold the Diad up and ask them to say their name. I then scan their hand, palm up. I look at the screen and tell them delivery is confirmed. They think it's cool that it records their voice and scans their prints.
    I then print their name and initial it.
    I have never had a DF doing this.
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    The DIAD is water resistant, not waterproof. I know where there is a DIAD 4 hanging on the wall that was not repaired by Symbol because there was water inside the board. They refused to repair the board under the terms of the warranty. The center had to purchase a new DIAD if they wanted to get one back to replace the wet one.
  18. DiadDude

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    I can't tell you the best way to do your job, and I can't tell you what your management will decide is acceptable or even preferred. All I can tell you is that the delivery methods do not include "exchange of DIAD"
  19. helenofcalifornia

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    I agree with previous poster who believes that handling the DIAD board all day builds up your immunities. I think I will try that scanning the consignee's palm to some of my less than stellar customers.
  20. Dirty Savage

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    I wear gloves every day but I do sometimes stop and think about just how many germs are crawling around on the DIAD. I have to agree that our immune systems must be pretty good as we are exposed to all kinds of bugs and nasty stuff each and every day and it's especially troubling around flu season.

    Have to disagree here as I once dropped my DIAD in a deep puddle. The DIAD was completely submerged but it worked fine after I hauled it out and wiped it off.