Dick Cheney releases new BOOK, then gets called a liar by BUSH and others!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Sep 2, 2011.

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    Dick Cheney, the "former" president of the United States released his new book, "IN MY TIME" and has done many interviews on FOX.

    An interesting thing has happened since the release. MANY former BUSH officials have called Cheney a LIAR. Even Donald Trump calls Cheney a LIAR. Condolezza Rice called him a liar and Colin Powell called him a liar.

    GW BUSH wouldnt straight out call him a liar, but came really close.

    I dont think any american with a Right mind would say that Cheney isnt a liar. The record speaks for itself.

    I personally believe Cheney is a LIAR about many things, but unless he is waterboarded, we will never know the truth.

  2. trplnkl

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    This is very telling about the run of the mill one sided, opportunistic slanderers.
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    Good point. I think that was the same feeling Powell and Rice specifically had about Cheney too!

    Former Powell Chief of Staff Col. Lawrence Wilkerson has even gone so far now to say Cheney is "vindictive" and fears being charged a war criminal in the same fashion as Pinochet. In a piece yesterday quoting Wilkerson, he said,

    Dick Cheney fears being charged as a war criminal, former Colin Powell aide says
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    That is a good point as well.

    Although I'm not too sure Cheney is all that worried about being prosecuted given his heath issues. I've always been skeptical of "tell all" books, few will actually tell ALL and usually come across as sour apples IMO.
    One doesn't have to be or ever have been in lofty positions to be a "run of the mill one sided, opportunistic slanderers".
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    I really wish all people would be as judgemental dealing with the likes of that Lockerbie bomber or illegal immigrants.......................Cheney's in no office, he's dying of end stage heart failure...........he's retired in Wyoming...........I think he' off limits.
  6. Baba gounj

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    And now you believe what GOP members say ?
    How open minded you have become.

    What is your thoughts on the current administration ....have they ever lied to you also ?
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    Here's your expert liar and he does it with a straight face.................

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  9. The Other Side

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    Im not the one calling him a liar, I am the one pointing it out to YOU. There are many people calling Cheney a liar, and he doesnt need "me" to ruin his reputation. I am of the position that Cheney himself should be waterboarded (since its not torture according you all) and find out many things before he kicks the bucket.

    Cheney is a war criminal along with Bush. I have said this going back to 2002 on this board and my position has not changed.

    When he kicks it, I for one will be watching something else on television.

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    It's not a hijack if the thread talks about what a liar someone is..........I stuck to the "liar" topic!!
    Nice try , Sunshine !!
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    You are the worse hijacker on this board. The subject here is DICK CHENEY lying, if you want to address OBAMA, why not post that on one of the 100 threads youve already started for saying such?

    OBAMA is not a part of the conversation in this particular thread.

    Do you shout out "alah alah alah" while you type a hijacking post?

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    Perhaps you should've named the thread better.......Maybe just "Dick Cheney"......but then you'd be susceptible to all dick jokes too !! Maybe just "Cheney"......but you had to add a bunch of BS to your title which inclused "liar" and thus fair game and total thread topic also.
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    Warning: Hypocrite alert.


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    He was "off limits" until he decided to put pen to paper--he is now "fair game".
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    Speaking of "fair game" .......play the game fair and "show me the money" !!
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    Someone is not paying up eh...
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    tos, don't you use spell check ?
    "Do you shout out "alah alah alah" while you type a hijacking post?"
    ALAH currently could mean two things; American Lung Association of Hawaii or Alliance for the Liberation and Advancement of Haiti .
    Maybe you meant to say Allah, as in Allah Arkbar ?
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    Here's another fine example of your gov't lying to you.

    (CNN) — President Barack Obama left for Camp David on Marine One Friday but, in a twist that has left some White House reporters scratching their heads, he apparently arrived at the presidential retreat by car.
    White House Press Secretary Jay Carney explained the decision not to land at Camp David was made in advance because of the weather. Marine One landed at an alternate site near Frederick, Maryland and the president and his daughter, Sasha, rode in a motorcade the rest of way to the compound.
    Because it is customary practice that the traveling press pool is included whenever the president uses a motorcade, reporters naturally wondered why the pool was not part of the trip or even informed that the president would use a motorcade ahead of time.
    Meanwhile, CNN’s weather team found no signs of stormy weather in the area at the time Marine One departed the White House.

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    You forgot the "Alliance of Lazy Arse Hijackers!"

    Amy Goodman of Democracy Now interviews Col. Wilkerson about Cheney, Cheney's book and his duties working for Sec. of State Powell. Good and informative interview from Col. Wilkerson. I also agree with Glenn Greenwald's view of Cheney and I also view Obama as a compliant conspirator who's adding his own criminal legacy!