Did Any Of You See The Video Of This Piece Of Work?


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Video is a sob story of her life as UPS management on graveyard and her divorce. The only way she promoted was by adultery. She has no one to blame but herself for her divorce. Ontario knows...


Nasty, but to be expected at UPS. See this all of the time. Slimeballs galore, no moral compass, but that is the type UPS likes in mgmt shoes. hope the ex took everything


The truth never changes.
Moral of the story:

Her job gives her hope.
Her children are proud of her.
She fills her loneliness with work.
She needs and wants to lose 60 lbs.
The company supports her.


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Very funny verrrryy funny. She'll get married again. She'll have another divorce. This career isn't a relationship friendly career. I'm not pressed on it myself. Men are hard to depend on. I remember my last relationship. I gave him a grocery list. He came. Back with chips and McDonald's... *facepalm*

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