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    Okay,so at our usual 'I cant hardly contain myself from the excitement' PCM this morning we were read the riot act about the sudden increase in accidents in our district.Now,accidents are no joking matter,that I will say.And Id bet my left one theres not one driver in ANY center who is hoping he or she has one.But after the PCM,someone asked one of our supes if he thought by chance there was any corelation between the increased stop counts and forced O.T. with why they are increasing...........and being the very forthcoming,upfront honest guy he is stated-"OF COURSE,BUT THEY DONT CARE". "THEY" of course being upper management.
    Now,I didnt need to be told they dont care.Thats a forgone conclussion.Caring went out the window a long time ago along with "customer service".But to "upper management"...I have one thing to day to YOU---the attitude of the driver which is the face of UPS has a serious impact on how our company is percieved. And just like shopping in a store for your favorite electronic or car in a dealership,they may have what you want but if you dont like them youre going to take your business elsewhere.WAKE UP and start treating us with respect and make decisions based on reality.Most of us,if not all want to do the right thing each and every day but you're making it increasingly difficult to want to anymore.And witht that kind of attitude it wont be long before customers go shopping elsewhere..........:angry:
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    If you knew the ten point commentary verbatim you wouldn't have these problems in your center. What are the eight keys to lifting and lowering.
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    Oh yeah 407...knowing thats going to prevent an accident! You got all the answers. Too bad one of the heads of our safety commitee who knows the DOK inside and out had an accident a month ago. You should go into upper management,you'll fit right in.
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    Careful with the sarcasm 407 ... some people don't have the gift of understanding.
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    ups doesnt "care" about you or I, most large companies dont "care" about their employees...nothing more to see here folks, move along move along......
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    I believe 407 agrees with you and was expressing that agreement through sarcasm.
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    What is the correct punctuation at the end of your post?
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    Back to the OP--upper mgt knows full well that an increase in production will yield a corresponding increase in accidents and concerns/complaints. They "don't care" as they expect that, at $30+/hr, we should be able to handle an increased workload while continuing to drive aggressively safe (my first center manager's favorite phrase).
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    I found it quite amusing yesterday when I showed up to work and our so-called "safety committee" was standing at a table and handing out bananas and water bottles as part of their "high blood pressure awareness campaign."

    We have drivers being OJS'd and issued warning and suspension letters over bogus "methods" violations as part of the company's new push on production. Routes are being eliminated, forced overtime is on the increase, and production harassment is continous and ongoing. But rather than holding the company accountable for its role in workplace stress---which is a key factor in high blood pressure---our "safety committee" stands around and hands out bananas.
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    At least you get Bananas. Down here for wellness Wednesday's, feeder drivers don't get a damn thing. Part timers, package drivers, they all get breakfast bars or fruit of some kind.
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    Have you notified the head of your local, in writing, about how you feel about your safety committee?

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    I have a degree from R.A.T., repeater accident training school. Yes, after the eighth work hour of the work day, there is a jump in the number of accidents, at least in package car. Hey,as a result, look at all the jobs we create at Liberty Mutual. And that's a good thing.
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    We recently had a feeder driver involved in a avoidable side swipe accident, which is not the point. This driver was able to regurgitate the "Depth of Knowledge" (a listing of all the driving and safety phrase) at a 100%. The point, I don't know.
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    Workplace stress..Driver Fatigue..it happens when overworked no matter what job you have.. Air Traffic controllers are a good example and the same goes for pilots. With all the things a driver deals with on any givin day. Stop counts, Bad load, missing air in load but in diad, weather, traffic, cranky customers, sweltering heat or frigid cold, old P-800 with no power steering, leaving the bldg late, meet points, Oca, taking time to explain how to ship internationally to a customer while in a rush to make your next pick-up before closing time, telematics, don't back down, don't back up...etc etc ..it goes on and on..No wonder sometimes with all this to deal with on a daily basis it is no wonder things happen...Since I retired my blood pressure went down...what does that tell you?? No matter how much you make per hour we are only human and some can handle more or less depending on that individual. Upper management would be in same boat so to speak if they were to do this Job, only difference would be that their boat would be taking on Water:surprised:
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    Tuesday a driver in my center was hit by a car who in the words of the center manager "blew thru the stop sign' of an intersection. The Package car driver was judged by the police not to be at fault,and the individual who 'blew thru the stop sign' was ticketed and found to be at fault.
    The Package Car Driver has been taken off the road 'pending an investigation' , was charged with a Tier Three Accident and we had to spend our PCM figuring out the best way the Package Car Driver could have avoided the accident..............I thought 'Call in sick' was the best answer
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    No matter how much evidence there is that the driver had no fault in the accident, UPS will go out of their way to blame him anyhow.

    Makes you proud to be an employee, doesn't it......
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    Remind that driver that he can still work inside during the accident investigation. If they decide to charge him w/T3 then its a different ballgame. Hope he knew the depth of knowledge fairly well, regardless they're going to say if he'd cleared the intersection properly the accident would not have happened. It will go all the way to state panel so that a monetary penalty will be paid by the driver regardless of whether he wins or loses at the panel. It's sad that this is the way our company operates at this time.
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    An Airplane falls out of the sky and crushes You and the truck....Avoidable...:knockedout:
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    Lately in package it seems that every time we bend over we get the "banana".
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    Last week before my colonoscopy, the MD asked if I had any questions or concerns prior to the procedure.
    I said no, I get a virtual colonoscopy every week at work. At least you have the decency to sedate me prior to the procedure!