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    Hello everyone. I just completed an online application for a FT Package Delivery Driver. I have been scheduled for an interview/hiring session or whatever they call it.

    I wish I would have found this site first, to get some more info. What kind of salary/hours do package delivery drivers make? I hear pretty good. I hear bennies at UPS are fantastic. And the job, although difficult and demanding can be rewarding nonetheless.

    Can any of you out there offer me some info on what it's like to be a UPS parcel delivery driver? At my jobs in the past, we always got to know our UPS drivers pretty good and they always seemed pretty happy with UPS.

    Thanks for your input.

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    I have been driving for about two months now, hired as a casual with the hope of being kept on permanently after the holidays. For you to be hired off the street permanently is rare. As far as being a driver goes, it's physically demanding and can be very aggravating. If you're not in decent shape, you're going to have a rough time. Once you've been on the job a couple weeks you'll understand what aggravation means. Once throughthe training class (2 weeks) and in your center you will have about 3 days on the road with a supervisor. After that it's sink or swim. The average veteran driver in my center does 110-125 stops a day - I do 150-180 because I'm dirt as a casual and not in the union.

    Words of advice: you have to hussle all day, but take your time to do things right and safe. If you get hurt or in an accident you are finished. Take a lunch. In the beginning you will always be behind, but if you don't take at least 20 minutes to stop, eat and catch your breath each day you willl burn out and quit in a couple weeks. Remember, be safe. Nobody's QVC delivery is more important than your life.
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    What area of the country do you live in and are you an internal customer or not? Don't know too much about pay , but I am just as interested as you are?
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    I'm in the Phoenix, AZ area and have no previous UPS experience. 10+ years of experience in the trucking/freight business though.
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    Thanks 999...
    I am in decent shape, so any more shape I need to be in wouldn't be a problem.

    What kind of money do you make and what are your bennies? What is your start time and about your average end time? Weekends?

    Anything else would be very helpful.
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    You will top out in pay after a two and a half years of progression at about $27.19 and hour and overtime is $40.78 after eight hours at today's pay scale. You will start about 8:30 AM and work till 7:30 PM if you are lucky. This works out at about 70-75K a year. Benefits are Pension, health insurance, stock discounts, 401K Plan, and best of all, lots of vacation after a few years. Hard physical job, you must know how to work efficiently and use your time well. Good luck, this job is not for everybody, seldom do people start full-time off the street.
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    As a new hire you will be tested to see how much work you can handle. Don't be afraid to communicate with your management team. You can plan on working 40-50 hours a week. No weekend work. I'm not quite sure what you were classified as when hired, but as for me (full-time casual) I receive NO benefits, NO holiday pay and $14.70/hr until I am hired on a permanent basis. You will hear a lot of complaining about this job and you will complain too. But, although this is a hard job it is a good career if you handle stress well. When you get to your truck in the morning and it's packed to the ceiling don't let it bother you. Deliver one package at a time and let the center know your status throughout the day. I went through the driver training class with 35 other guys. Five quit before the class ended and about 20 of the rest have washed out since. This really isn't for everyone and no one gives respect for how hard it is. Good luck.