Did I qualify if there having me cover other peoples routes on a Saturday on packet?

Hey so I’m on my 30 day packet and I’ve been going out with a insane amount of stops 250 -270 and I’m making scratch every other day not always I’m day 25 in and they had me work on a Saturday and had me pull stops off people 2 times in a day and cover there routes and put me in a rental does this mean I qualified and just have to finish my packet?

PT Car Washer

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Peak season was easier to me cause we had all them seasonals and pvd’s to help out. Once they’re gone, their work just get distributed among the permanents. So my days are heavier now.
With last weeks snowstorm from the South to the East shutting everything down, drivers were complaining this past week was worse then Peak. Of course drivers were taking pay actuals last Peak.