Did the union contract give new drivers better benefits than old?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by UPSSC, Aug 4, 2014.

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    I started qualifying on April 3 to become a full time driver. Finished qualifying on May 25 due to being pulled back to preload continuously during my 30 day qualifying period. Was sent one set of Teamcare cards stating $10 copay as a Part-time U3 employee. Was then told by Teamcare that my copay should be $20 as a full time driver who qualified before June 1st with a $200 deductible. Does this make sense? Teamcare said that if I qualified after June 1st, I would have a $10 copay with no deductible. Why are drivers hired after June 1st getting better benefits than those hired before that date? Was there a concession for better pension or some other benefit
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    Oh boy here we go again.
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    Since I was in the qualifying period at the time all of the contract mess was taking place, I am just trying to make sure I am getting the correct coverage. If it is worse, so be it but they have made mistakes before.
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    Teamcare sucks
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    Sounds like you may be in one of those locals that received a "carve out" plan.
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    Says the p/t sup.
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    A p/t sup? No I'm in the bargaining unit, troll. And another romper room goes on the ignore list...
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    Do me, do me next. PLEASE.
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    I'm heartbroken.
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    In 15 years I haven't died yet.
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    Yes, in my area, if you were on Teamcare before you have $5 scripts now... Hope it was worth the vote.

    I on the other hand am PT, and just used the Teamcare for an immediate care visit for my daughter. Say hello to 20%