didnt see this one coming.

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  1. FUFred

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    Its nice to see that so many people feel the same way I did. I say did because up till this morning I was a courier. I got the last of 3 letters today after i did a route. Had 7 lates one summer day after breaking down = warning letter, GFT = denied, missed about 11 pod scans, after the cons tag wasnt done right, had to van and then pod but no lates missed 11pod scans but did get the other 1109= warning letter gft = denied and the finial straw that broke my back was not taking all the freight because the customer needed more time so i grabbed about 15, asked for a walk up then said ill be back in 30 mins i came back after he called claiming i left, was rude and said i cannot wait. In fact i took a break, slow day and need some food, got the letter today. WTF. =Started in 2002, so 11 years and bah by. NICE COMPANY

    also GFT= Good Fuc*ing Try
  2. Doc Sorting Dude

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    Don't see how you got written up for a legitimate breakdown. You must have some kind of internal war with your manager, talk to HR and find out how come 11 years as a courier means squat.
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    Terrible. In the long run it's probably a blessing. I'm also a 10+ year express courier. And in the last few months I have realized what a dead end job it is. Getting out in the next couple months.
  4. MrFedEx

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    Call a lawyer and see if you have a case for unjustified termination. The letters for the breakdown and bad CONS Tag sound totally bogus.

    Make them look bad and spend money defending their crap.
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    sorry about the lower case my shift keys aren't working and i don't feel hitting caps lock every time.
    i didn't get written up for the breakdown, another driver swapped trucks with me but took about 45-50 mins but i did because i "failed to work as directed." i was told to get sos of 1st then do 2 day exp savers, i did the forbidden straight-line. a few of the old timers 25-30 year guys went out after work and had some beers and they all said it was a blessing and i sort of agree. I have some savings, getting all my vaca for next year sent to me in 1-2 days, have a college degree in.. get this... logistics, i have no experience though.. haha, but hell its a start. all the mgrs at the sta i was at hate me, i can think for my self, i think im pretty smart, i use reasoning and logic to figure things out and all around i did enjoy the job. I did speak to 2 different lawyers but after the free 30 mins they wanted money. honestly i don't have the time nor money to wait 2-3 years.
    O well fedex's loss.
  6. Cactus

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    Make sure you file for unemployment benefits.

    Stand up for your rights and don't let 'em get you down. They all sound like incompetent bastards.
  7. overflowed

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    You will see that this is a blessing in disguise. Good luck in everything.
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    Yes, Im starting to see the silver lining.
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    Yep, it must feel good to be out, but that's what Fred wants. I hope you find a great new position.
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  11. Route 66

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    Congratulations and good luck, FUFred!

    Have I ever mentioned how much FEDEX SUCKS!!!?
  12. hypo hanna

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    Reasoning and logic have no place in today's FedEx. You are better off getting away from this sinking ship.

    This story reinforces my point that we need to fight tooth and nail each OLCC no matter how minor.
    Don't sign them until the comments reflect your side of events. Assume every document, and every interaction with mgmt will end up in litigation.
  13. Mr. 7

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    Good point.