Difference between SHALL and WILL

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    Ok so reading the proposed contract(705), I noticed the language, can anyone enlighten me?:confused2::confused2:
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  3. drewed

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    no difference, just diff preference of a different writer
  4. 705red

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    Its more definitive thats why they were switched.
  5. loserupser

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    so why is the company fighting it?
  6. 705red

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    That has been tentatively agreed so far.
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    Encarta® World English Dictionary, North American Edition

    shall [ stressed shal, unstressed shəl ] (2nd person present plural shalt (archaic)) CORE MEANING: will happen in the future, or intended to happen
    I shall as president promote measures that keep families whole.

    will [ wil ] CORE MEANING: a modal verb used to indicate future time
    Delegates from all over Europe will attend the forum.
    Will you ever be able to forgive him?
    Your suit will be ready for collection tomorrow.

    So, "shall" has to do with "intending" to do something in the future. hmm...

    I shall rise to the ranks of UPS Queen! oops, good intention but not going to happen. :happy-very:
  8. 705red

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    From my understanding they definition of shall is out of blacks law.
  9. Taken from the NATOPS (Naval Aviation Training and Procedures Standardization) aka the Aviators Bible.

    d. Shall
    Means a procedure that is mandatory.
    e. Should
    Means a procedure that is recommended.
    f. May
    "May" and "need not" mean procedure is optional.
    g. Will

    Indicates futurity and never indicates any degree of requirement for application of a procedure.
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    Good post.
    Past, present and future tense does apply, to certain singular word's.
  11. Brown Dog

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    So you mean, someone could say they will do something, but never actually get around to doing it. Isn't that like double talk?
  12. 705red

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    Welcome to ups language 101.
  13. drewed

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    so did the ballots say the 705 will strike or shall strike?
  14. loserupser

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    A little humor never hurts anyone!!!:peaceful:
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    I just can't picture a Teamster using the word "shall". .......because the opposite is "shan't". Can't you just hear a trucker saying, "I shan't be voting" ? :happy-very: