Different Air progressions....Really?

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    So, I'm a regular old pt car parker (the only building that I know of that just has us park, but not wash cars. The cars are washed by an outside service...don't know how they get away with it...) and a Saturday air driver. Now, I'm at full scale for Saturday (21.17 or some such thing) but, if I cover an air route during the week I go back to 12.50 an hour. The excuse I got is there are two progressions within air...bid and exception. My thinking is this is a load of crap! If it's contractual, then it's friggin' cheap!:angry:
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    I never had two different pay rates for air. If I delivered air in the morning I was always paid the same as what I made on saturdays. If I ran the p.m. air route (picking up letter boxes) I was paid the same as all the others. Fight it!
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    I just have to wonder if it's something to do with the rider and addendums over here in the east washington district...
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    It's in the national, actually. There are two different progressions. Unless you have completed both progressions, you risk losing money if you work outside your classification.
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    ahhhh....thanks, by BA said he thought it was fishy. So in conclusion, UPS is cheap. (Not that we didn't know that already.) Although, I could swear there was language that said that you would get your higher wage.