Different Division? Different Pay Progression

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    If you want an eye-opener, talk with either a FedEx Freight or National LTL driver the next time you see one at a loading dock. Not only do they top-out in 3 years, but their initial scale is much higher than ours. Yes, they have a CDL-A, but so do Express RTD's, and our RTD's get screwed the same way couriers do.

    There's only one reason for this, and that's the fact that both Freight and LTL are under the NLRA. FedEx knows that both would have already gone union if they'd tried to impose the low starting pay and 20-year pay progression scale present at Express.

    Ever wonder why Fred Smith has spent so much money trying to preserve the RLA? Here's your main answer. The only reason FedEx gets away with all of this is the RLA classification, and as long as there is no ability to unionize Fred will continue to take full advantage of us at every opportunity.

    Apologists, please defend and rationalize this outrage in order to serve the needs of your Lord and Master. I'm guessing you'd prefer to be under the 20 year plan.
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    Is it because Fedex bought both companies, rebranded them and left the pay system in place? That's what they did at Ground. Makes for a smoother transition from company to another. Would I buy up a contract at Ground and tell the existing driver that he would have to take a 30% pay cut? Hell no!
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    What is 30% of peanuts? :wink2:
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    It is 3 more peanuts that the fat elephant (Republican, ME?) gets to eat for every ten I have to throw to the cake eathing proletariat.:happy-very:
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    No. FedEx put their pay system in place. They may have retained the pay progression, but their motivation to do so is undoubtedly the fact that both of these companies were under the NLRA. Several years ago, our local National LTL terminal had a huge sign in front advertising a starting wage of over $20 per hour. Shorty thereafter, the sign was changed to over $21 per hour. In know that Express RTD's were making just over $18 per hour to start at the time. It would have taken one of our Express RTD's about 10 years to get to $21 per hour.

    FedEx Express gets away with it only because they have the RLA, and Fred does not want to increase pay or step-up pay progression. Think of what he has saved (out of our pockets) over the years by not having to even worry about being competitive with union wages.
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    I swear if you bring my wages down to union scale I will hunt you down and drive a union picket stake right through your heart. I will draw and quarter your remains between four vehicles: Ground, Express, Freight, and Home Delivery. Your head will adorn a P1200 until the last remnant of skin has to be scrubbed off the windshield with the baked-on remains of 10,000 summer time insects. :happy-very::happy-very:

    Ok, in case people don't realize, this is a joke. I am not, I repeat not threatening MrFedex. Besides, I don't think I could get my hands on a Freight vehicle anyway.:wink2::peaceful: