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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by gypsy mcgee, Jan 24, 2009.

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    Probably gonna piss of a few people, but thats what I do best. Why are there different rates for full time employees? For example, package car/feeder/inside are all different. I think seniority should prevail instead of someone with half my seniority making $5 more than me because they sit in a truck and I don't. Union needs to get this one right.
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    Has anyone here, on BrownCafe or at your work place, ever physically kept you from signing a bid sheet for another higher paying job than the one you have now?

    I didn't think so.
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    neither of you makes any sense...
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    I guess BigBrownSanta and I could draw some pictures for you but you probably wouldn't understand that either.
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    why would you waste my time and yours if you have nothing valuable to add. i was looking for intelligent opinions on something, not garbage.
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    The union has gotten this one right! I am understanding that there is no easy job at ups. However do not compare what a full time 22.3 does inside the building to what a package car or feeder driver does. There is no comparison, and that is not a knock on our hard working 22.3s by any means and they know that. If any of these 22.3s wanted more money they would bid into a driver position or feeder.

    If 22.3s were paid the same as package, ups would never be able to hire any more package drivers, no one would do it! JMO
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    What they are saying is instead of complaining about the higher paying position go do the higher paying position. Or quit complaining.

    Now back to my comfy truck seat.

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    Obviously you have never worn the browns and did our job. You'd understand why we get paid a higher rate within 15 minutes. Just stay inside the building and worry if they restocked the vending machine to your likeing. I'll deliver the 350 boxes in my truck and make sure grandma gets her medicine on time !!!:surprised:
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    we have a winner
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    "Skilled Trade!":)
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    i am not a package car driver.....but i can tell you they dont "sit in a truck" for $5 more an hour those guys work hard, not saying you dont, but they have much more responsibility driving on public roads
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    22.3 jobs are the biggest scam I've seen at UPS. I fully understand why UPS wants to get rid of them. I would love to get paid 23$ an hour to do what they do. I would have never went into package car if I had that opportunity. I could to air driver + small sort until I'm 80.
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    willsome ound this corcar in the head and tellhim gorn up and gop full if he has the balls too drive and feel the pressure
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    22.3 vocab/grammar
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    As good as 22.3 jobs are for the employees and I would love to get one until I can go driving I do get frustrated that the sorter or guy unloading next to me is making $22.00 dollars an hour and I am making $9.50 oh well the ft job will come with seniority, and pc drivers deserve every dollar they make if you don't drive just be a helper during peak you will see, if you want that money like I said good things come to those who wait.
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    Forget the amount of work on the pkg car.Have you seen the pkg car mgt teams that we have to work for...Sometimes we are underpaid in pkg. for this reason....The weather is another factor.
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    Same point to you as others are making to corycar7: if you think it's such a great deal, bid back inside. You can try to work until you're 80 that way, if you want. Who's stopping you?
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    I would be happy to if I only knew what the hell you were talking about.