Dirty Secret I will file on.

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    I was just recently disqualified from driving in November. One of my driver buddies told me about a driver on my boxline that drives but he is disqualified. Apparently he had done some work for someone in corporate and was hired directly into cover driving.(He has less than one year in senority, I have seven !) But here is the kicker; he took the driving class and was disqualifed. UPS still allows him to drive because he UPS to steal his time. During peak he worked twelve hours a day and let UPS take four hours from him everyday so he could still drive.He still does this. I think this is very unfair and will talk to my business agent and potentially file a grievance.
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    If he was disqualified then he would not be driving. If he is driving then the sups that trained him decided to qualify him.
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    Has anyone else noticed this, or did your "driver buddy" just give you this info out of the kindness of his heart? Why didn't he bring this to the attention of MGMT beforehand? Why/How did you get disqualified? Did this guy attempt driving before or after you did? Before you jump the gun on filing, I'd get all the pertinent info. Hate to go into the office and be made a fool of, ya know what I'm saying?
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    We had a driver dq'd in his 30 days but they still used him as a utility and air driver until he decided to grow a beard so they couldn't anymore.
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    Another perfect example of people turning their heads on violations, until it causes them hardship! Good luck proving your alleged charges, your word would carry more weight if you were not a dqed bitter driver!
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    If this is true...(huge emphasis on the IF) seems like it'd be easy for mgmt to term the FT or PT sup that played with his time card to make paid hours drop from 12 to 8. Not sure why a FT or PT would put their job on the line for something like this.
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    You need to find out if they gave him seniority. If so there might not be much you can do about it. If the guy has seniority and still allows them to steal four hours a day from him, even if that was a condition of his attaining seniority, he's probably the biggest sucker anywhere at UPS:knockedout: