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    So, I am going to have to have a non-work related outpatient procedure. I am filing for short-term disability at my full time job and at UPS. With Aetna here at UPS, there was a form to fill out spelling out additional jobs/income. My other companies insurance did not have me fill out anything like that. What kind of worries me is that to paraphrase, it says something along the lines of depending on the benefits received from my other job, and depending on the insurance contract I am under with UPS, that my UPS short-term disability can be reduced or denied. A lot of if's and maybe's in it. Has anyone heard of a short-term disability that is not an on the job injury being denied or reduced? If so, was there a reason given?
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    You'll probably be denied the first time anyways. They are just like that. Then you will have to appeal. Happened to me and a couple others that I know. Most got their money.
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    I had to file for my "day job" and UPS/Aetna at the same time once. I did not experience any issues/problems with receiving checks from either and the amounts were not reduced in either case. The only UPS/Aetna hassle was the Aetna people calling me to call my doctor to get my doctor's office to send in updated treatment notes the day after a doctor's appointment that weren't back from transcription. They did want information on my other income, etc, but it did not affect my payment amount from UPS/Aetna. I returned to my "day job" prior to UPS because there was no heavy lifting - something I had to emphasize to the doctor and nurse for when they sent in separate updates to "day job" insurance and Aetna to keep my UPS insurance active and payments coming. Sorry to hear you're having to file, just be prepared to stay on top of the paperwork with both jobs.
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    Yeah I just got done faxing in all of the Aetna paperwork. Funny thing is, my day job did all of the start up over the phone. Same day I received the Aetna paperwork, I received a confirmation from the other one showing everything was in process. I was also worrying about going back to the day job after only a couple of weeks as they are letting me come in with light duty. I have already started telling the dr and nurses, and even faxed an explanation with the other paperwork i had to send them, about the difference between the 2 jobs.
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    did short term 2 months ago, got denied then accepted. still waitting for the first check