Disability Health insurance extension?

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    With all the new government healthcare rules coming up it's no wonder my family and I have been kicked to the curb after 27 years of loyal service after my LTD benefits ran out.

    I had an life threatening illness in 2005 and became permanently disabled as a result the following year and could no longer do my job as a truck mechanic . Went on LTD in '06 hoping that over time my disability would improve enough for me to return......but it did not and my health insurance ran out this past September. I was told by a manager in Human Resources in 2007 that they would review my situation when the time came and decide if benefits could be continued at a reduced rate even though I was short of the required retirement age by 3 years.

    Well, their was no "review" just a "sorry we can't do anything" over the phone. Talk about cold heated. A call to corporate just informed me that this needed to be handled at the local level.

    I was certainly not seeking something for nothing and would have most certainly paid for the benefits for my wife and two kids (I have Medicare) As a result my wife had to seek coverage through her employer which is so expensive she is basically working for the insurance. She goes to work everyday and at the end of the week brings home pretty much zip, zilch, nada.

    I realize there are many people with no coverage at all and I should be grateful we have something and I am..........but it's unfortunate that one person who handles these kinds of situations tells us one thing and they turn around an do another.......not even a sit down meeting to see what could be done.

    I guess I shouldn't have put that much faith in the company that it could somehow help out my family..........even after 27 years.
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    I never have and never will. Sorry to hear your situation, but we all need to take a wake up call and realize anyone of us could some day be in your shoes. Sad but true. I wish you the best.
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    Try contacting your local. They may have options for you.
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    I'm currently on LTD, after 1 yr I lost my health care coverage, there was never any mention from UPS about being granted an extention to my health care coverage, my options are COBRA , going to an outside insurance company , retiring without health care coverage for myself (too young) and my family or hoping that my condition improves enough to return (slim chance)
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    Same for me. It isn't the company that can extend them, it's your local. Mine is too cheap. Something I shall never forget. I can't wait for the next election. I still have many friends. Hopefully, I can affect their vote.
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    Aren't you eligible for a Disability Pension or a Social Security Disability Pension? Or even just a regular Early Retirement Pension?

    - - - -

    You have received a half year of Short Term Disability followed by five years of Long Term Disability. For a Collective Bargaining Agreement that is often vague and confusing, the below language is actually quite clear.

    Section 1. Health & Welfare and Pension Provisions
    (j) Long-Term Disability

    (1) Full-time seniority employees will become eligible for long term disability (LTD) after six (6) months of employment for nonoccupational illnesses or injuries that last longer than twenty-six (26) weeks.

    (2) Long-term disability benefits will equal sixty percent (60%) of the employee’s base weekly pay to a maximum of six hundred dollars ($600) per week for up to five (5) years. Long-term disability benefits begin when short-term disability coverage ends or after twenty-six (26) weeks from date of disability, whichever is later.

    (3) Average weekly base pay is computed by averaging paid hours (maximum of forty (40) hours per week) each week during the last full calendar quarter the employee worked and multiplying that by the hourly rate of their base job. Weeks of unemployment in the prior quarter will not be counted in the calculation. If there were substantial weeks of unemployment, the prior full calendar quarter may be used for the calculation.

    (4) The definition of disability, termination of eligibility, offsets, exclusions, limitations, claim procedures and any other related issues will be controlled by the Summary Plan Description.

    (5) The long-term disability coverage will become effective on August 1, 2004 for eligible employees who become disabled after that date. However, pre-existing conditions will not affect the employee’s eligibility for LTD.

    (6) In those situations where a Teamster Health and Welfare Fund provides a short term disability benefit, the employee receiving such benefit shall provide the UPS National LTD Plan sixty (60) days advance notice of the estimated termination date of the short term disability. If such notice is not provided, the UPS National LTD Plan shall have the right to delay the commencement of LTD payments.

    (7) Any employee receiving LTD benefits pursuant to this Plan shall be entitled to receive health care coverage in accordance with the SPD for up to twelve (12) months only.
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    The NYS Teamsters Pension Fund changed a lot of rules January 1, 2011, to ensure the government didn't take them over. One of those changes was doing away with disability pensions. At least, that is my understanding. If it wasn't taken away, it was changed to 30 years served before eligibility. Same thing in my book. They ran our fund into the ground. They changed the rules, but not the players. Same systemic problems.
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    Usually a Disability Pension is for people with ten or (a few) more years of service. Someone with a lot of years of service would normally pass up the Disability Pension and simply retire on whatever Early Retirement Pension he is entitled to because it normally pays more money.
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    They did away with all those. 30 and out at a minimum, now. No early anything. Nothing.
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    I think you still have something NYS calls an "Early Pension."
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    Maybe. I will call Monday and ask. Thanks, Jon.
  12. menotyou

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    Thank you.
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    A combination of factors led to the changes that needed to be made to return the fund to solvency. There are about 5,000 more retirees collecting benefits than actives paying in to the fund. The issues at YRC and the recession have both impacted the fund.

    Disability pensions and lump sum disability benefits are gone. Early retirement is gone. Regular pension is gone. Death benefits are gone. The 30 and out at any age has been replaced with a 30 and 55. Our split raises have been diverted since these changes were approved and will be throughout the duration of this contract. On the plus side, we will get a nice pay raise, in addition to any contractual pay raise we may get, when we jump to top rate in 2013.
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    I have got to get back before then. November 2012 will be a pension break.
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    Are we talking disability or comp? If you got hurt at work you should be able to negotiate a settlement.
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    I started a new thread STD/LTD, please reply to it.