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    I received discharge letter for failing to report at my start time as instructed. I have been on disability and was under doctor's care on that day. I was tentatively released to go back to work the previous day, but was in too much pain to go. Called manager after pain meds wore off to tell him I had an appt. the next day, took him doctor note after appt. They are :censored2: that I have not been communicating with them on a regular basis. I have not had local yet but business agent is saying they want me fired. Have not from doctor explaining the tentative release to work, because they are saying I should have been at work. Opinions.
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    Hindsight is 20/20 but I think you should have kept them informed on a regular basis.
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    The problem is that your were suppose to be back at work that day both you and UPS new that. If you called in one hour before you shift things might have been different but you didn't. I suspect there is alot more to this story then you are telling us.
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    I have not been suspended for attendance. Just warning letter.
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    What is the attendance policy like in your area? Have you received progressive discipline for attendance in the past? Did you receive your letter in the presence of a Steward? You have left out way too much information.
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    Like I said there is alot more to the story than you are telling us.
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    I was off on disability when I received the letter no steward present. At home. The discharge letter is for the day I was at the doctor so I was under doctors care.
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    The key word is OFF. When you want to tell us the whole story we might be able to given you some advice a piece here and there isn't helping your cause. It makes it seem like your trying to hide something.
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    I have been on short term disabilty since dec. Even if I called after start time seems like the worst would be nc/ns. But I did communicate with sup that day and informed him about my condition and was going back to doctor the next day for diagnostic testing. Separated shoulder with possibility of surgery. I have been on disability before my sup (different guy) filled out my disability paperwork to file with union and they did not here from me for 5 months nothing happened.
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    I have heard 11 days, but then my bus. agent tells me about a feeder driver missing 26 days at the beginning of this year without a doctor's note nad got 3 day suspension. Just warning letter in the past. No did not receive in presence of steward, I was home on short term disability.
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    Again, the last portion of the post has no bearing on why you did not call in before start time. But your attitude as to "just a NC/NS" shows a lot more about your tude than anything else you could have posted. And that is why they will try to terminate, or at the very least, suspend you. You screwed up.

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    sounds like the center manager just doesn't like you, that's pretty much the difference between a talk and a termination
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    center manager does not like me.
    I communicated with sup the day I was suppose to be back just not before start time. The doctor wrote a letter stating I was improved to the point where I was tentatively released. Shortly before this release patient had resumption of symptomatology that warranted further diagnostic workup. Patient was seen and diagnostic workup was initiated. I hope this clarifies any misunderstanding that may be concerning his return to work note. I don't want to lose my job, and I know I screwed up, but I have been and am still right now on disability and under doctor's care.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The note is not the problem. The problem is your center had you on the plan to work that day and you failed to call in at least one hour before start time. You then called in after start time to tell them about the doctor's note.

    You just don't seem to get it.
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    They did not have me on the plan.
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    I have been on short term disability twice with UPS because of shoulder problems. When I provided a doctor's note that stated any restrictions on it, UPS told me to file for short term disability and I was not to work until I provided them with a 100% return to full duty notice.

    In other words, one of my notes I had stated that I was to have weight lifting restrictions for 4 weeks. The day after the 4 week mark, I went in and was told without an actual 100% return to full duty with no restrictions note from my doctor I could not work. The reason given was because I would be a liability to the company.

    Have you ever provided them with a 100% return to full duty notice? If you did not, then they can no grounds for termination.

    I'm sure that company policy would be the same throughout the country.
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    And never will.
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    Here, he would have gotten warning letter for nc/ns.
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    Did you keep hr informed of your condition? I never had to tell my center manager anything everything was takin care of by hr as long as I kept them up to date. Your not going to get fired. You went to the dr tgat same day and he put you back on disability. Just get your paper work all organized.
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    To all the tough-talking Teamster critics: How would UPS be planning on Doodoo Brown returning to work if Doodoo Brown hadn't yet told them he was cleared for work? Are they mind-readers?

    And why are you assuming UPS would accept Doodoo Brown back without having their own Company doctor examine him first?
    - - - -

    Section 2. Return to Work Examination
    It is understood by the Employer and the Union that once an employee notifies the Employer that he/she has been released to return to work by the employee’s doctor, the Company doctor must examine the employee within three (3) working days from the time the employee brings the return-to-work slip to the Employer.

    Section 3. Third Doctor Procedure
    The Employer reserves the right to select its own medical examiner or doctor and the Union may, if it believes an injustice has been done an employee, have said employee re-examined at the employee’s expense. If the two (2) doctors disagree, the Employer and the Union shall mutually agree upon a third (3rd) doctor within ten (10) working days, whose decision shall be final and binding on the Employer, the Union and the employee. Neither the Employer nor the Union will attempt to circumvent the decision of the third (3rd) doctor and the expense of the third doctor shall be equally divided between the Employer and the Union. If the third (3rd) doctor agrees that the employee should be returned to work, the employee shall be reimbursed at his/her daily guarantee, less any other monies received back to the date of the examination by the Company doctor. It shall exclude any time the employee was not available for examination or work.
    - - - -
    The New England Supplement, for example, also says, "Any employee who is absent because of proven illness shall maintain his seniority." (Article 57, Section 6b)