Disciplinary action for accidents and injuries?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by paul the clerk, Feb 5, 2011.

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    anyone else hear this? i heard rumor of a leaked UPS memo and i think our local pres yanked the safety committees over it.
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    Its all on the 804 website Pauly Walnuts.
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    I know they have threatened it in out building. Its a 2 prong offensive actually. They dont want the drivers sheeting packages emergency conditions, yet they tell em their getting written up for getting injured delivering to homes that are unshoveled or ice covered and get hurt in the process of doing their job. Then on top of it the company has been pulling drivers off the road early to curtail overtime and rolling the work till the next day. Simply put in a rebutal to the write up. The paper pushers are at work...time to push back.
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    Here in Lynnfield, Ma. Local 42 just withdrew participation in the driver Safety Committee as well. But for different reasons.
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    Swen, same in my building, drivers getting warning letters
    for getting hurt.
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    Go on!
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    Hey guys, 177 here. Regarding icy driveways or those that just haven't been cleared we have been instructed to use the Not Ready key for over a week now. Logic being the customer is Not Ready to receive delivery. EC NR all the same to me as long as I don't have to put myself at risk delivering a package they are expecting, yet are not allowing us to complete the task. UPS people are taught to value and are held accountable for their own personal safety.
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    Here's one: DM lied in a memo to all on-cars/CMs. I forget what it said verbatim, but it basically stated that the on-cars were to lie to drivers about some safety mumbo jumbo being state law to sign. I'm pretty sure you know who the DM is.
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    We have four vacant driver jobs that have not been put up for bid, so overburdened drivers in these emergency winter conditions are working brutal hours and still bringing back lots of undelivered packages.

    Management also pulled safety committee members off their routes and put them out on-road doing observations of other drivers. That's Management's job!!! Besides it means the rest of the drivers have to stay out even longer.

    Another member was in the office monitoring the backing of drivers on the computer. The drivers he flagged were then talked to by Management.
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    It is against the law to be disiplined for filing for worker's comp so file and call a complaint to your state worker's comp office.
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    They always write us up for accidents/injuries out here an we always fight them. If driver was proven to have violated 'methods' then its on them, else we get the write up revoked. As far as the safety committee goes its a bit of gray area, the co-chairs (mgt an non-mgt) go out quarterly to make observations and then report the findings to the driver but nothing is allowed to trun into progressive discipline.