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    Hi I have been working at UPS for 5 years last year was a bad year for me attendance wise. I served a 3 day suspension the beginning of September and I didn't call in sick again till last night and I still feel sick today thinking of calling in again just was wondering if I should be worried bout serving a 5 day suspension or getting terminated cause that is what my P/T sup said would happen if I call in again before I believe he said 9 months. So just wondering if I should be worried bout losing my job
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    possibly, depends on your local attendance policy and how bad they need people. Most likely you will get another suspension, which starts over your nine months from the date of last occurance.
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    At any other job they would have fired you long ago. Why do you have an attendance problem? Why can't you show up to work like everyone else?

    Your most likely going to get suspened for a week this time if they don't try to out right fire you.

    You know you have a problem with your attendance so much that you already got disowned yet you still call in???? Show up to work sick or not. If your that sick they will send you home at least you would still have a job.
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    When you call in ask for the day if possible. If not then come in and work to the best of your sick abilities. If you are really sick you won't be worth a piss and they will see this and probably send you home. They will probably think twice if you ask them again for the day next time you call in and tell them you are sick but you are willing to come in at your 50%. I just called off for the first time in two years two Fridays ago. One of my kids woke up at about two in the morning and was so loud she woke up the house and :censored2: my wife off which caused me and her to get into a heated verbal argument that I wasent going to win. I couldn't go to sleep so I called off and it didn't matter cause I've got great attendance. I sure wish I would have went too work anyway because the day with her was a real bear if you know what I mean.
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    And you called off for that?
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    Icouldnt go back to sleep and it was a big snow storm + I was on vacation the next week. Safety first
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    I suspect the reason he called off had little to do with the actual screaming.
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    F that
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    Little crude but, yeah, that's how it works.
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    Foreplay first but yea thats what they yell if you do it right.
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    I ment trying for more kids two is enough. I'd rather cut my balls of that go through that one more time.
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    You don't actually have your balls "cut off." Kinda more internal, if you know what I mean.
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    It was a reach brother, but I give you credit for throwing it out there.
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    You'll have to put that wonderful quote in your kids next birthday cards.
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    How about we go into business together and make bumper stickers and tee shirts with the slogan??
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    Pull up your skirt and suck it up my friend. I worked pouring rain, 30 degree temps with a 103 fever and full blown flu.

    i'm sure many on here will say the same
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    How many customers and fellow workers did you infect?

    And how many did they in turn infect?

    And so on?

    And so on . . .
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    In that case you should never leave your house whether your sick or not you still carry bacteria that could be harmful to someone else even if it's not to you.

    In the case of the OP you show up to work unless you can walk if you want to keep your job. He has an attendance problem so much that he going to get fired