Discrimination during promotion process.

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    Well this is not a discrimination in the popular sense, it is not race related. This is discrimination on a personal level. My manager of my sort is not good at his job at all, and as a consequence our sort is a real mess. About 2 months ago one of our part time sups. put his two weeks in, I immediately applied, and a full week after his two weeks was down our manager got back to me, and I took the test the next tuesday. The next day I got my conformation that I had passed and talked to my manager out it that day. He said that our head building manager was out today and we had to wait for his signature before we could start my training. The next week my sort manager had his vacation and he did not tell me about it, and no one on the sort had any idea when I would start. The next monday I got a call from our hr rep saying my starting pay and information like that. That was 3 weeks ago and I have still yet to start. I feel that my manager is dragging his feet on this whole process since he knows I will not be bullied by him. He pushes around all our part time sups. and blames problems in their sector on them, even though it is usually due to something he did. I have also heard from multiple people on our sort, including some part time sups. I am just wondering if there is anything I can do to make this process faster. Thanks
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    also on top of that , the week my sort manager was on vacation, our building manager came to talk to me about the job. He had not been informed that I had passed the test, or even taken it
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    This is the worlds way of telling you not to go into management.
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    I do not exactly want to go into management, but I am only at ups for the reimbursement, and since I will only be here for 2-3 more years it makes more sense for me to be a part time sup and take the 50% raise now
  5. javierequela

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    and a side question is there anything I can do to bring upper management down on him. Our sort is a terrible mess and a lot of the problem is him, and the fact that he wont listen to anyones ideas on changes to improve the sort,and then on top of that he will never claim anything he messes up is ever his fault, he always just puts the blame on any scapegoat he can find.
  6. If you're only doing it for reimbursement run. You're going to awfully miserable for a few extra grand. Use it to gain experience for your next career or something along those lines. If you do it for the money you're going to be gone quick. Because it's nice at first. But when you're getting 2% raises every year it sucks.
    You should keep your mouth closed. You want to start a fight before you even start? Do your job and work as directed.

    I'm not sure why in the world you would want to get into management with such a crap sup. You think he's a jerk now, wait until you are reporting to him. It's a whole different world once you move up.
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    Yes I am also using it for experience for my future career and to use as a resume builder. and yes I do plan on keeping my mouth shut, its just very frustrating and I find this very childish coming from a manager for the last 15 years and is even more frustrating watching the sort fail night after night, and yes I am expecting it to suck, but as of now I am working two part time jobs and going to school and I am hoping to cut my weekend job as the pay bump will equal out cutting that job.
  8. You're just going to have to live with it. He's your boss. He may do idiotic things, but let him look bad.
  9. javierequela

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    Yes, I guess thats right, I just have a nagging feeling that I will be a likely scapegoat. And I forgot to mention, I just started working at ups last august, so the pay jump was really big for me, and I will be entering medical school within two and a half years, so the pay wont catch up to me before I am done.
  10. Indecisi0n

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    Did you just say you're going into management but won't be bullied?

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  11. hardball88

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    Be careful what you ask for. You may get it.
  12. bleedinbrown58

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    Dude....I hope your username isn't your actual name....:throwpc:
  13. greengrenades

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    Becoming a supervisor is not a promotion. If you want to be miserable and hate your job, go for it.
  14. You don't have to let them make you miserable. That's how they win.
  15. Wally

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    Deliver pizzas for extra cash and keep your study time free. Management works a lot more hours than you think.
  16. Listen to this guy. The time commitment is a lot more than you think. I'm a PT Sup, I've been on the phone with HR twice this morning and talking with my sup about the expected dispatch to get our plan down for tonight. During peak I was essentially full time. There was one Monday I worked 12 hours. You may be at the building for 27 1/2 hours a week for most of the year, but there's a lot of prep outside of the sort if you want to be successful.
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    So it seems you are talking yourself into this job. Its UPS it all runs down hill, it will run to you and you will pass on to your people. Circle of life at ups. That will never change. :w00t:
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    unless you can handle being yeld at it every morning and everything blamed on you i wouldnt do it.
    i hear our manager goes off on our pt sups in the "meetings" they have every morning. i see our full time
    sup throw pt sups under the bus all the time. not to mention the union workers that are gonna have fun making
    your day miserable since you have to keep numbers/hours they dont.
  19. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    Think of it this way ; sure you can drop one of your other jobs , get some more pay and stick in on your resume . But given the high turn over rate for sups at UPS , how the heck will say a couple of months as a sup look in a resume after medical school ?
    Given everything that the other posters have stated , why would anyone smart want to take this job ? You will be nothing but the lowest man on a long totem pole . Corporate makes the rules and everyone has to follow or else .
    Thinking that you can make a difference on your shift is a pipe dream .
    As for your resume all UPS will acknowledge is your starting & ending date .
    So why not stay as an hourly , get some real life work experience and survive .
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  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    "UPS Supervisor" will look much better than "UPS Package Handler".

    UPS verifies employment history, not resume entries.

    If the OP is going to medical school I agree that his pre-med school work history will not make a lot of difference upon graduation.