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    I know alot of people that close out there pickups within the 15 minute window and go to them later, however I've never actually seen anyone fired for this. I'd imagine that it is considered dishonesty regardless of whatever reason that one may have, but if management wanted to could they find out where you closed out said pickup? Whether it was in the actual area of the pickup location or not?
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    Just do it the way they want and worry about yourself.
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    I quit caring about being in that stupid 15 minute window about the same time they decided not to hire enough drivers to adequately staff their operation.
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    So if they wanted to they could let you go for that right?
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    If they want them in the (actually 30 minute) window, do the best you can to accommodate. This includes informing them of any deliveries that may be hindered due to the confines of such a time constraint. Airs, break, business, lunch, business (time permitting), pickups, break, whatever is left over. They make the rules, we should follow them. In 18 years I've realized that their rules makes me easy money.
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    Goodness I hope they never check where I am when I close out a pickup. LOL. I have several pickups that text me if they have something or not. Sometimes I'm on the other side of my route when I stop complete them.
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    we fired a driver recently for doing just that, except he forgot to actually make the pickup, and then derped hard and admitted he did that to me when i asked him about why there were no pieces from that pickup (like usual)
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    This is the same as scanning an air at 10:29 then driving to that stop. Know of people fired for this and it stuck. If the 15 min window is that big of a deal just drive to the pick up.
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    Had a center manager in the jump seat one day running a route and we were early to a pickup. He said just grab the pcs and put it in the board later. I asked "Isn't that dishonesty? And can't that lead to termination?" He paused for about 10 seconds like he was trying to come up with some kind of excuse to justify it. Then his reply "Let's just keep moving."
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    I do not care about the pickup window as long as I pick them up

    I am always at the bottom of the list for on time pick up , they try to change my times by what they see how I run my route , but then i run my route different the next day after a few times of that they stop doing that

    So I proudly sit at the bottom all the time
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    I make them every day in the window,even if if i have to drive 5 miles each way to do so. Easy money! I have 2 pick ups that are an hour apart,right across the street from each other ,next to where i like to eat lunch. easy is good!
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    5 miles?!?! Try 35 miles lol. Took them almost a year to pull the pick ups off me and give them to the guy I passed in the town everyday.
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    I thought that was actually fair?
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    The same people that stop complete pickups out of area and/or call them instead of actually going there at the right times are the same exact people that piss and moan about the center "losing time" and that "UPS is screwing them." These are also the people that skip their lunches or "just" 20 minutes or so every day. Oh the irony.
  17. Brownslave688

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    Scanning an air and then driving to it and stop completing after 10:30 is a big big no no now. Use to it was encouraged. Now with GPS there is a guy in a cubical watching things like this and you can be fired for it.
  18. DS

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    That's well and good.Your current sup's like you.But you and I know that this can change fast.
    Some new center manager signs on and he decides he doesn't like your face.
    Asks IE for a printout of your area with p/u times.
    Just to make sure he hasn't missed anything he asks Tears in the rain
    for his opinion before he fires you.
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    Geez, i wish I had known earlier but better late than never. I didn't think that it was such a big deal as long as it wasn't a ridiculous time span in between scanning/stop completing.

    That's exactly what's happening in our building, at least 5 people have gotten canned within 2 months (new center manager), so I pretty much do every single thing by the book now.. with the exception of pickups. My route has such retarded pickup times (2 at 2:45, 3 at 3, 1 at 3:30, and 2 at 4:15, and 2 at 5).. So seeing as their all pretty much on the same street I have no idea why they're so spread out.

    Anyway If I do them all at 4pm it cuts so much time out of my day as opposed to doing it by the book. I'm pretty much on my way back to the building at 5 on the dot doing the pickup's my way. But if it's there way I'm not done until 6 or 7. But now knowing that they can pinpoint where I completed a pickup I guess it's back to their way eh..
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    What is sad is the fact that the pickup time window is supposedly for better customer service. Our center will change the pickup time in your board every day if they have to change the pick up to another driver or you are going to be arriving sooner or later than normal. They could care less if the customer gets good service as long as they hit the magic number of pickups being made on time. Its all about the numbers they need to attain. To heck with the customer.