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    My husband had a seizure. He can't drive. If they put him as a helper (he is ft and had a bid), what will he make? Helper rate? His inside rate or driver rate? Also, have other buildings stopped allowing union safety committee members to stay in the building and do work or to go out and do driver training on area knowledge? He was told he would be, but they saI'd ups stopped that a week before he came back?
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    Dqed drivers do to medical reasons assuming he has made if past his probation should be permitted to double shift preload and twilight. If he goes out as a helper for peak he will be given helper rate I believe. That's how it was explained to a member into building
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    Have him call the BA at the union hall or better yet, go down and see him in person. The BA should be able to answer all the questions and then back him up on it. Good luck.
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    The BA is beyond useless here. UPS upper management has been more helpful with the process. We have a terrible local. The company person who decided all grievances on local level told him either his inside rate or driver rate. I don't believe him. It has been coded for 2 days. Anyone we can call now to see what rate that it shows up as? HR?
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    Our union safety committee members still stay in the building and go out on area to do safety observations.
  6. Tell him to talk to the sup that does timecards. He/She can pull up their hourly rate in the Global Timecard System.