Disqualified during 5 day training. Thoughts?

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    Sorry for the not so short back story. Summary: Lots of back and forth ultimately lead me to disqualification during the first nonconsecutive 5 days of training.

    I started working on the local sort and finally won a bid for a full time driver position. I put in a month's letter of resignation to my full time job tentative on my passing Intergrad.

    I graduated from Intergrad on 3/29/2013. I was told I'd be working the following week. Whenever I reported to my center on Tuesday, 4/2 they tell me that the manager is on vacation and I'm going to have to wait a week. I think myself okay it's just a week. So I work the local sort the remaining Tuesday, 4/2 to Friday 4/5.

    I do not work the local sort Monday, 4/8 because I operate and learn better with a full nights sleep. I came in the following Tuesday, 4/9 and was told that there was an incident causing the trainer to do an observation ride. Again I do not work the sort. On Wednesday, 4/10 and Thursday, 4/11 I train for 2 days. On Friday, 4/12 I wind up sitting around waiting while my trainer is instead trying to get people out the door and an hour later he tells me that he's going to training for the next 2 weeks (ironic I know). This is when things start to stress me out. I contact the manager of the local sort and he doesn't have any slots available so without having to send someone else home and I don't work.

    So on Monday, 4/15 until Friday, 4/26 I work the local sort and come in on the following Monday, 4/29 only be to told that I've been moved to another center and asked if no one called me (which they didn't). I meet my new Center Manager and he tells me there have been a large number of incidents causing me to have to wait another week. He then gave me his "guarantee" that I would start the following Monday. Now I'm really starting to get frustrated and worried. Again I don't work the local sort due to availability.

    I work the local sort from Tuesday, 4/30 until Friday, 5/3. On Monday, 5/6 I come in and my trainer tells me that he is having DOT issues and I'll have to wait one more day. Just incase there were any issues he got my number so he could text me. A few hours later I get a text from him saying Wednesday. At this point I have just about had it. I go to the UPS center office looking for the manager. He is not there so I call him telling him of my plight that I won't be able to make rent, car payment, etc. and plead with him to find some alternative. Eventually he comes up with something and has me come in the next day. Again I don't work the sort.

    Tuesday, 5/7 through Thursday, 5/9 I train and at the end of the day he tells me that he's got class Friday, 5/10 and I'll be on call. Since I didn't receive a call I contacted the sort manager and at this point he just said to come in.

    On Monday, 5/13 I come in and yet another incident... At this point I have had it. I work that night regardless of sleep concerns. I train on Tuesday, 5/14 and Wednesday, 5/15 (last day). The last 2 days my performance was terrible. So on Thursday, 5/16 I come in for the review and after sitting around for an hour I am told that the center manager is having meetings all day and can't talk. Again at this point I don't care about sleep so I work the sort. And today Friday, 5/17 I come in only to find out that I have been disqualified.

    I now know that a center has 90 days for me to have my 30 day qualification period. I just feel like if they didn't have this put on without too much delay and had my 5 days consecutive instead of broken up I feel like I could have made it.

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    This kind of thing is pretty common trying to qualify in April may. Sorry
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    That's unfortunate. Thanks.
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    Have you talked to your Steward about all of that? What was their reasoning for disqualification? So you drove for 3 days? How can your "performance" be anything but "terrible" in their opinion in your first 3 days? I wouldnt just roll over, after all the garbage you have been through I would get some clarification on the whole mess if I was you.
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    You were not given a fair shake and your BA needs to step up to get you a second chance.
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    Yea you should file a grievance.
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    I will file a grievance thanks. If he asks why I will tell him "its nothing personal. Just business" which is exactly what he told me.


    If I was you I wouldnt even say that to them. The truth is they DID make it personal to you and thats the honest truth! They know they hosed you, and disqualifying you was their way of making it easy for them to brush you off and not have to deal with it. They was HOPING you wouldnt file. I am curious as to how this is shaking out for you.
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    Still trying to get the grievance process going. Have talked to a few stewards.
  10. There is nothing to be gained by waiting any longer. Get with a steward and file tomorrow.
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    Call your union hall and talk to your ba. U pay dues 4 situations like this. Talking to a steward isn't good enough
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    there might actually be some hope for you after all...
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    Get a grievance and write it out and sign it. That's the process going. If you need help, there are many qualified people on here that will assist you.
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    Now I need to find the number of my Union hall then.

    Honestly this whole thing is foreign to me. I've never had to work with Unions to receive fair treatment before. *sigh*
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    Have one. Thankfully I asked a driver how the process works and he had one on hand.
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    How are you wording it? Do not be too specific. What article are you filing? What is your remedy?
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    Make sure you file the grievance within 5 business days, cite an article, and at the end put further facts to be presented at hearing.
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    That's the part I am trying to get help from a steward. I haven't a clue.

    Remedy I'd like to have the opportunity to go out on my own or start over at a different center.

    @Hyena Thanks I just found out about the 5 day time frame yesterday and have been itching to get this going.
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    Yeah that's the part that has me hesitant and wanting to talk to a steward. Remedy is to either go out on my own or start over at a different center.

    @Hyena Thanks. Just found out about the 5 day mark yesterday. In a rush to get things going.
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    Nature of Grievance:
    Pursuant to Article 6, Section 1 of the UPS/IBT Master Agreement, the Employer violated the collective bargaining rule by entering into, or attempting to enter into, an agreement or contract with its employee (insert your name).

    Remedy to be Desired:
    (1) To maintain the past practice of the promotional process. (2) To be given equal treatment to complete the promotional process. (3) Make grievant whole.

    That should start you off. Anyone have something to add?