district consolidations who will have a job?

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  1. babbsD

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    does anyone have any idea what jobs will be lost with this "new" district consolidation? we were told yesterday about it and that in the next couple days we will know who and how will be affected, why don't they just lay all the cards on the table, instead of us wondering if we will have a job or not. some of us have been through this 5&6 times, they have cut depts to the bare bones, i'm in the north/metro jersey district.
  2. lorri47

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    I am also in the metro jersey/north district. We are still waiting to hear who has jobs and what the separation package is. Have you heard anything yet about the separation package. I think it is only admins affected.
  3. trplnkl

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    Many years ago, UPS split up the district office that my center was in, placed centers in three surrounding districts. Some people were offered clerk jobs in our center, some were offered jobs in the other districts (but they had to pay their own moving expenses) and the rest were just laid off. No separation packages, not even a goodbye kiss.
  4. brownIEman

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    Would not a good bye kiss have constituted sexual harrasment and opened the company to a big law suit?
  5. trplnkl

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    Depends on the kisser and the kissee....
  6. Kraetos

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    Seems like layoffs and consolidations are occurring mainly in the northern liberal run states, whereas conservative states like Texas, I hear no stories of any layoffs happening. The only exception is DFW Airport, but are the ground shipping hubs and centers in the south not feeling much hurt?
  7. trplnkl

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    One possible explanation for that is that Texas has usually(for some unknown reason) fared better during economical down turns than the rest of the country. The big drop that occurred just after 9-11-2001, the only companies that seemed to be ill-effected here were national chains. Wal-mart, Home Depot and a few others immediately put hiring freezes on to shortly remove them because their business didn't actually drop that much here. Now with what is going on now, we are seeing some drop but not like what is being reported in the news(or on this forum). Why is it that way? I have no freakin' idea.

    The layoffs at DFW reflect more what is happening in the rest of the country than what is happening here.
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  8. rod

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    It's all that damn 100 dollar a barrel oil money you stashed away thats saving you:happy-very:
  9. trplnkl

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    It may be helping some folks around here, but I sure don't have any. Oil that is...
  10. rod

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    Oh come on-- we all know everyone in Texas has an oil well in their back yard:wink2:
  11. trplnkl

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    Not everyone and many that do, don't own the mineral rights, so all they get is the noise and smell. Crude doesn't smell like roses.
  12. UPSNewbie

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    Oklahoma isn't doing that bad off, either.
  13. trplnkl

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    You Okies and us Texicans better not get too comfortable with it though.
  14. UPSNewbie

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    Very true.
  15. Sammie

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    Who will have a job anywhere pretty soon?

    Per today's paper, massive payroll trims at Caterpillar, Sprint Nextel, Home Depot, ING, Pfizer drug, GM, Circuit City (completely gonzo), Qwest, Western Union. 12,000 restaurants to close nationwide this year. I've personally noticed the folding of A & W, Bennigans, Black Angus, Steak & Ale, Ponderosa, Bonanza. Sounds like an old Twilight Zone episode.

    Our descendants will soon be living in a very different world. My take, we
    the people (UPS excluded - we are well paid thanks to the union) haven't been getting decent raises since the '90's and are hesitant to buy anything. And why have our incomes failed to rise? Outsourcing. As I was told when my UPS admin job went south, "we're trying to get rid of as many of you as we can." Quote unquote.

    We've helped China and India come into their own at the expense of ourselves. Big business is removing the human element and replacing it with profit motive. Yeah for us.
  16. plankton

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    Not just the Northern liberal states. Mid-South was disolved. We are far from liberal. We were told we would find out Friday, but they keep pushing it back. I guess we will have to synchronize our watches with the Jersey Districts so we all get told the crappy news at exactly the same time. :happy2:
  17. rod

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    That hits the old nail on the head. Thanks Wal-Mart shoppers:biting:
  18. bigdaddyo

    bigdaddyo bigdaddyo

    Everyone is talkin like Texas and East Coast stuff yet California is doing the same thing and we have no idea what our future will be Our building is completely closing and 50 60 or more people are affected